FreedomPop Offers Global Hotspots To Extend Free Service


FreedomPop has already managed to make a major mark in the US and UK markets by offering its users free data and calling, but now it hope to really make a splash in international markets. It should be an easier goal given the fact that it just raised a lot more cash in a short period of time according to PC Mag.

Additionally, the company announced the creation of a new global hotspot this past Wednesday. The new hotspot allows users to get a data connection that is seamless as it pulls off of cellular networks from all over the globe.

In order to use the international hotspot, users need to buy the device and the SIM card. Those who live in the UK or USA can pick up the global hotspot and then use it 25 countries across the world from the Netherlands to the UK to Poland to Romania to Finland and more. By the end of the year FreedomPop plans to expand the list to over 40 countries including a few locations in Latin America and Asia.

The global hotspot can be purchased for $49.99 and then it costs an additional ten dollars for the global SIM card that will allow it to be used with your phone. Even better, the SIM can be remotely updated as new countries are added to their coverage list so users can buy it now and automatically enjoy additional data in new locations later.

Like all of its plans, users of the global hotspot get a free 200MB of data per month in any of the countries on the list. For more information on the service and their fund raising efforts check out the original article here.

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White Shark Media trying to make a Google-like Work Environment

Working for White Shark Media is not like working for your typical business. For a lot of companies, people can learn from the past of the company’s history. However, at White Shark Media, employees have about five years of history to draw from as the company started in 2011. White Shark Media provides digital marketing for companies in the United States and South America.

Like many new start up businesses today, trying to match the spirit and enthusiasm of Google, White Shark Media has tried to capture a culture that exhibits a passion for doing business, providing superior customer service while giving employees an exceptional place to work and call home. The company has grown tremendously since founded in 2011 and looks to continue to grow to meet customer demands and needs.

Some of the benefits of working at White Shark Media include having two one-hour lunches, and if you get all your work done by the end of the day, you can go home an hour early. Some of the downsides for working for the company are that the wages may not be as competitive for specific positions in the same market. Add to that, the environment is very fast paced with a lot of added stress and lots of hours which can be typical for any business working in digital media and marketing. And like any new company that lacks a lot of history, the processes of doing business is not always well established yet.

White Shark Media provides employees with an awesome environment and plenty of career advancement for those ambitious for career growth. However, plan on a sedentary work life as you sit for hours and hours each day, but that is to be expected from an office white-collar position. From the CEO Gary Garth down through management, the leadership team provides very strong direction and motivation for their staff.  Click the follwing links to read more: and

Overall the management and leadership team has the company on the right track improving on making work a great place for all employees with competitive benefits and opportunities for every employee. Work is work, and if it was fun it would be called fun. White Shark Media is trying to change work to be fun.

A Look At Yeonmi Park’s Latest Book

Yeonmi Park is a human rights activist and an escapee from the world’s most closed and oppressive regime, North Korea. She now lectures at major events like the New York Times interview which highlights corruption, human rights abuses and the stripping of basic rights that many of us take for granted.
Miss Park has written a book about her tumultuous journey to Freedom. Titled In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom is autobiographical account of her life story. The book begins with her early childhood in North Korea and recounts the horrors of one of the country’s worst famines which is estimated to have killed millions of North Koreans. Yeonmi survived the famine, but the horrors of it remain embedded in her mind today. She also describes her family, and the decision they made to try and escape their country in order for a chance of freedom and a better life in China.

In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom then moves on to describe her time in China, where was forced to live in the shadows to avoid deportation back to North Korea. She recounts her escape to Mongolia to avoid the Chinese authorities and abuse there.

Yeonmi Park’s autobiography is divided up into three sections. The first chronicles her early life in North Korea. The second part describes the time she spent in China hiding along with her mother. The last section describes her achieving freedom and the recovery in South Korea. In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom is available on in hardcover, paperback and audio format.


Free Trials Promotes Talk Fusion Across the World

Talk Fusion has set itself up to be a leader in video market solutions and communications, and to make itself more appealing to users of these services and more competitive in the market, it’s found new ways to attract new, unique users. With their new 30 day free trials, Talk Fusion has made itself available to prospective users in 140 countries across the world with no risk on investment on the part of the potential user.

In the pat year, the Talk Fusion team has been hard at work making sense of the video communication markets in disparate parts of the world to know just what it is different demographics of users want from this kind of service, while also trying to refine the experience of users have with their services.

CEO Bob Reina, who also happens to be Talk Fusion’s founder, boasted the quality of the service his company provides and stated that he doubts there’s any comparison that can be made to any other company in this market. And now that people can become acquainted with the products and services Talk Fusion offers, they can determine for themselves just how superior it is.

Talk Fusion is going to attract individuals for sure, but their services also provide numerous applications for businesses and charties who need to maintain contact with partners in different time zones.

In order for any user to try out the service for themselves, all they have to do is head over to and sign up. Users then can access the free trial and make use of all of Talk Fusion’s services, such as video email, newsletters, and live meetings.

The site is designed with user experience in mind, making for an intuitive site for anyone to use. However, there are tutorials instruct the user on how to navigate the site and make use of the many options Talk Fusion has on offer for their use.

FreedomPop’s Big Plan

Founded in 2011 out of Los Angeles, Freedompop is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Their goal is to offer and give away free talk, messaging and data to those who go over their limits. As reported on Venturebeat, Freedompop offers SIM cards with free mobile service plans. Their next step will be to offer the WhatsApp for free. This will allow users to message free, regardless of their data allowance. The prototype for this plan will take place in Spain, the location of where this new service will be launched in the next few months.

FreedomPop has operated in the U.S with its first international launch in the U.K. last September. Spain will be the third market for the company which has big plans to make an impact world-wide.

Other mobile networks have offered zero-rated access to WhatsApp along with their services but have been met with controversy.

Capitalizing on the unique idea of offering services for free, FreedomPop is extending free roaming in 31 countries. Initially, the offer will only be available to those in the U.S., U.K., but FreedomPop will be expanding the offer to Spain. The company states it will be setting its sights on global expansion by the end of the year. It has not formed a partnership with either Facebook or WhatsApp. The company realizes that partnering with the current market of mobile carriers and utilizing unique models with zero-rated access to apps such as WhatApp, is the best way to expand their company.

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