Laidlaw: Everything You Need To Know

Laidlaw as many already know, is a a full service investment banking and brokerage firm. With headquarters located around the world, Laidlaw & Company is considered one of the biggest and most successful investment banking companies. As we all know with success comes scandal. The Laidlaw company managed to accumulate a wide variety of lawsuits surrounding their success. Many people are now speaking out against Laidlaw and their practices.
As I attempt to disect the lawsuits, I want to remind the readers that Laidlaw is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Accusations and rumors against Laidlaw are treated as such. Any court rulings will be discussed based on the outcome of the court ruling.
Dating back as far as 1999, Laidlaw & Company employee Leonard V. Gallick has played over a 5 million dollars in court fees and court rulings alone. He was found guilty on a wide variety of charges against him including unsuitable investments, breach of contracts, unauthorized margin trading, breached fiduciary duty and a host of other charges. While some charges against Leonard were settled out of court, he still has pending charges against him.
Another file against Laidlaw and its principals, Mathew Eitner and James Ahern, comes from Relmada Therapeutics. Almost mirroring the charges against Leonard V. Gallick, above all Relmada Therapeutics claims Laidlaw & Company breached fiduciary duty. Remalda was awarded a temporary restraining order against Laidlaw and its principals, Mathew Eitner and James Ahern. Remalda believes because of actions taken by Laidlaw & Company the decline in Remalda’s stock price has dropped significantly.
Laidlaw & Company are becoming notorious for all the wrong reasons. The importance of maintaining healthy relationships with your clients is a must in the world of investments. The reputation of Laidlaw & Company is slowly diminishing as others come forth speaking out against their practices. Only time can truly tell if Laidlaw will recover and gain a positive standing in the eyes of the public and media.

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Tips for Selecting a Lip Balm

A lip balm in hand, means chapped, dry and cracked lips kept at bay. A good lip balm will help you moisturize. Therefore, helping you maintain supple, healthy and beautiful-looking lips at all times. However, not every lip balm can do this for you. Some actually, accelerate your lip problem in the long run. This, it is important that you consider the following key issues when selecting your ideal lip balm.

First, you have to be keen on the ingredients used. Look at the ingredients and ensure that no harsh chemicals are used. I am a big advocate for natural lip balms. Especially, those containing shea butter or beeswax. These two ingredients do more than just maintain beautiful lips. They moisturize and even protect them from harsh weather. Plus, if your lips are already dry or chapped, they help in healing them.

You also need to check the reputation of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers will lie about the ingredients used just to make sales. However, manufacturers who have a reputation to uphold will ensure that only the purest ingredients are used.

If you are currently searching for a good lip balm, I would recommend Evolution of Smooth.

About Evolution of Smooth

Evolution of smooth is one of the top- rated lip balm brands. They produce and sell natural lip balms, in a variety of flavors. The main ingredients used in their lip balms include shea butter, natural Vitamin E and jojoba oil.

The EOS lip balms are all free of petro- chemicals, such as, petrolatum and paraben. Therefore, they are very easy on your lips. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, hence can be used even by people with allergies. And, to prove on their quality, they are approved by demartologists. Their products are sold on and ( online, very easy to purchase! Visit for more details.



Norka Luque Inspires her Fans through her Beautiful Voice and Inspirational Songs

Norka Martinez Luque is one of the lucky Latin musicians to burst onto the American music scene. Her singles “Milagro” and “TomorrowLand have received massive airplay both in the United States and Venezuela (her home country). Hard work and commitment have enabled the young US-based musician to establish herself as a globally recognized brand.

Recipe for Success

The young musician has a gorgeous voice and releases songs that are rich in powerful messages of inspiration and hope. She has fought tough battles and emerged victorious throughout her musical career. Norka is always willing to learn new concepts from her able producer (Emilio Estefan) and other successful musicians. She continues with her voice practice, and piano classes, which she started since was a child.

Norka’s music encourages diversity and incorporates aspects of different genres available across the globe. For instance, the song Milagro is a fantastic mixture of reggae, Mediterranean rhythms, and Caribbean sounds. Under the supervision of Emilio Estefan, a team of renowned producers and composers such as Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitan, and Luigi Giraldo were instrumental in the production of the song Milagro. Additionally, it sends a beautiful message full of inspiration. People, who are going through a tough crisis can easily identify with the song. Although new genres and rhythms are introduced at a fast rate, Norka has managed to retain the originality of her message.

Transition from a banker to a musician

Norka worked in the banking sector in Monaco for a few years before she relinquished her job and moved to the United States to build her career in music. She tasted the real music world through a successful album produced by Jose Velazquez. Since then, Norka Luque has been producing international hits and working with top producers. Entrepreneurial producer, Emilio Estefan JR, oversaw the production of a successful album that had three songs, which ruled the top Latin countdown charts.

Early life and education

Norka was born back in 1986 in Caracas. At a young age, Norka started developing a passion and unending love for music. Luckily enough, her parents offered her unwavering support. They allowed her to enroll in musical training classes provided she excelled in her academics. During her high school course, Norka participated in various musical competitions and pocketed many awards. After graduating from high school, she moved to France for higher education. At France, Norka had a privilege of learning French and performing alongside “Bad Moon Rising” band. She earned a degree in fashion, marketing and culinary arts.

Securus Technologies Offers Free Services to Families

When researching on interesting and expanding industries, one industry that I would have never thought about until conducting research is the industry of communication within prisons across North America that provides services between inmates and loved ones who continue to want to have contact with the convicted. One company that has stood out from other companies is that of Securus Technologies, a company that is truly dedicated to the consumer and wants to provide the best services to both ends of the consumers for the best price available. Though the inmate communications industry has been in the news lately after being accused of the act of monopolizing, Securus Technologies has dedicated the services to show the public this is not the case. In recent news, Securus Technologies has even proven to be a compassionate company as the company is now allowing free phone calls to inmates with loved ones in Louisiana after the devastating flood.

As a leading provider in criminal justice as well as monitoring technologies, Securus Technologies wants to use this innovation for good and is now offering free phone calls for individuals with loved ones that have been harmed during the flood. This free calling program will be offered to inmates with Securus Technology innovation throughout September 7th. Connecting inmates with loved ones is the number one reason that this company was started in the first place. Though inmates have committed crimes, it is still a right for the loved ones to remain in contact. In total, throughout September 7th, Securus Technologies connected over 250,000 phone calls for free between the inmates and their loved ones. With services provided to over 1.2 million inmates across North America, Securus Technologies will continue to provide excellent and innovative services with the best technology possible that will connect millions of families.

FreedomPop Is Helping People Save Money

FreedomPop is a great company to work with because they help you save a lot of your money on your cell phone bill. I have been using them for a while because I needed to be sure that I would have something that made my life a lot easier. It has been so important for me to be sure that they I am saving money, and I tired of spending all that money on something that did not seem to be that valuable. FreedomPop has a lot cheaper service, and you can read a FreedomPop review for yourself to see how well they are doing.

The reviews that you get will help you learn that this company can help you save a lot of money on the fly. I picked them for the free plan because those are the phones that I give to my kids, and they work really well because they have limited data, and I have given them a budget that they can go over if they want to. That helps us save money, and it teaches them to be frugal

People who cannot afford cell phones can do the same thing, or they can go with a plan that is really cheap. I also think that it makes more sense for us to use this just because FreedomPop is all about customer service. They are a very good company that is committed to helping people like me get a phone that costs less.

They also have their hotspot, and they have a company program that helps people do some things for free or less money. They sell a hotspot I use for travel, and I also use their free phone service. We have gotten better cell phone plans, and we have gotten help that is changing our lives.


Brian Bonar – The Successful Financial Executive

When it comes to finance, Brian Bonar is very popular. He is an executive and leader in the world of finance. He is the current president of Trucept, Incorporated. He has an outstanding amount of skill in leadership. He has worked as an acquisition and mergers officer in various companies. He has a proven track record of performance, especially with the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Stephen had a very technical background in his early life. That explains the reason why he is good at building working and substantial business structures. He attended James Watt technical college and attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. He later on went to Stanford University to pursue his Masters Degree. His excellent education background laid the foundation for him to become a genius in the financial world.

His long career history extends in the business community and accomplishments. He worked as a manager at IBM, U.K. Ltd. after that, he became the director of design and engineering at QMS, Incorporated, and managed over 100daptec, Incorporation, he worked as the sales manager and strived towards moving up higher in the ladder of success and business in the world of finance. After working as a manager and leader in numerous companies, he decided to create his firm and named it Bezier Systems.  Read more: Brian Bonar | LinkedIn

Mr. Brian Bonar has specialized in approaches that can be emulated by many in the financial world. He has a creative mind that makes him stand out vigilant amid all his workmates. His combines his technical genius and the power of an architect. And that to his specialties that include acquisition and mergers, and you have a lucky person.

Just because Mr. Bonar is a genius in business and finance, it doesn’t mean that he is all labor and no play. He is a man of the family and loves going for boat trips, golfing, and spending time with his lovely family. Trucept, Incorporated is where you will find Mr. Brain Bonar now. He is its current president. Trucept Company does bring solutions to companies. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

An example is when your company needs help in payroll; Trucept will come in handy and manage your payroll. Trucept also helps in managing employee benefits and human resource administration.

Trucept helps in operating companies, so the company will have all the time to focus on business and let Trucept do the remaining part of Human Resource. They are also good at assisting firms that need help, suggestion, and plans.

Trucept also provides staffing solutions, tax issues, and help businesses with human resource documents. It is very essential for a company to develop a risk management structure if it wants a maintenance of a successful business. That is the work of Trucept, Incorporated.

Lovaganza Announcement Provides a Date for the Global Cultural Festival

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Lovaganza’s celebration will highlight all cultures from around the world. The event will use a number of mediums such motions pictures and exhibitions. The cultural event is reminiscent of World Fairs of past years. The celebrations are inspired by all cultures from around the world. The celebrations will take place simultaneously in eight different venues globally. The event is scheduled to begin in May and end in September in 2020.

The Bohemian themed event of Lovaganza was originally supposed to take place in 2015. However, due to better technologies that are in development, the event was pushed to 2020. It will lead to a more immersive experience for attendees than it is currently possible. The venues will be located in Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. The event will culminate in a final ceremony dubbed Hands Across the World.

Events preceding the 2020 event will include a Traveling Show that will begin in 2017. The roadshow is intended to promote the 2020 event. It will also showcase some of the technology that will be used at the 2020 event. For instance, attendees will get to experience the immersive 3D experience expected to be used in the 2020 event. Shortly after, three movies will be released by Lovaganza using the new 3D technology. In addition, the movies will be available in the standard 2D and 3D theaters. Footage for this trilogy is already being compiled in countries such as France, United States, and Spain. Shooting in India, Africa, and other parts of the world will also begin soon.

The footage will be seen on the newly developed Immerscope screens. These 3D screens provide an immersive experience like never before. Lovaganza will provide a feel of the CINERAMA screens of past years. However, it will be combined with cutting edge technology of the future. For more updated information, people should visit the Lovaganza site. There are regular updates on the site about the progress made so far.
About Lovaganza

Lovaganza organization is split into two structures. There is a for-profit arm of this organization known as Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. The franchise is geared towards discovering all cultures of the world and using them to entertain and inspire a global audience. The nonprofit arm of the organization is known as the Lovaganza Foundation. It supports global initiatives that have a positive impact on the world. The official launch of the Lovaganza Foundation will take place in 2018.

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Wen By Chaz Products Make Girl Feel Like Movie Star

She is sitting there in the recliner watching late night shows when a commercial for Wen by Chaz Dean ( hair and body products comes on television. She watches as the woman in the chair has a hair transformation right before her eyes. Oh, how she wishes she could have hair like that. She makes the decision to give the Wen a try so she purchases a bottle from Amazon. After the bottle arrives she makes a journal of how her hair is each day after she washes it.

Day one is the first day of the test. She is in shock when she reads the wonderful healthy ingredients in the product. She pours the product in her hand and the wonderful scent hits her nostrils. It is time to wash her hair.

Day two the girl wakes up to find she has oily hair and has to shower before she leaves the house. She grabs the Wen and showers. Her hair is dry and it sure looks bouncy. The hair is shining in the sunlight. It is thick and the girl is happy.

Day three her hair is oily in the morning and she needs to wash it. Even if she is late.
Day after day, she wakes up to oily hair. She washes it and it looks great. It smells good and feels healthy. Her hair has been revived.

The product did as it promised. It gave her back her bouncy, shiny, thicker , healthier hair. It did cost a bit more but sure was worth it to toss out all of those extra bottles. Check out the article in its entirety at It made her feel like a movie star as well.

Wen has many products for hair and body. Each product is made with ingredients that are natural and good for your body. Wen by Chaz Dean began as a product for movie stars and models and now it is available to anyone that wants it. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for testimonials and information about the product today!


Manhattan Offices For Rent Less Popular Than Coworking Space


Coworking offices are an incredible movement that’s been sweeping the country and many others. With the internet as large as it’s ever been we have an astronomically high number remote employees, entrepreneurs, self-employed business workers, freelancers, and the list just goes on. Coworking office spaces are incredible new movement that brings these type of professional individuals together in an environment that fosters independent work and water-cooler type socialization, as well as professional collaboration when desired or necessary.

In a recent study by Harvard Business review, “We were surprised to discover that people who belong to them report levels of thriving that approach an average of 6 on a 7-point scale.” This is supported by many aspects of the coworking space. Professionals are free to be as autonomous or as social as they choose to be; they may choose to work in their office the entire day with the door shut or take their laptop to the lounge area or outdoor terrace.

This very unique option provides flexibility and freedom but helps independent professions strict to a more structured type of work. According the Harvard Business Review many independent ventures greatest downfall is that it lacks professional structure, with this structure a professional increases their chances of success. Communing with other professionals also helps increase feeling of meaningfullness in your career.

A coworking space, such as <a href=””>WorkVille NYC</a>, provides its professionals with amenities such as phone and internet. They have cafes and common areas for engaging with other professional as well as private office suites. Many coworking spaces feature open floor plans and Workville is no exception with 3 outdoor terraces and bounds of sunlight. Studies have shown that even in typical workplaces access to natural light and open floor plans foster happier employees.

In WorkVille as with many other coworking spaces has talented start-ups and high-quality small businesses. This not only increases work satisfaction but over-all motivation and a culture of knowledge-share and success. WorkVille is located in Times Square, Bryant Park and for professional productivity offers internet access, private phone services, and mailing services. Additionally 24 hour access allows professionals to work whenever they feel most productive and maintain work-from-home flexibility with office professionality.

Located up high on the 21st floor of a beautiful luxury office building, Workville is fostering the independent success of professionals in New York City and has space available.