All Hair Types Benefit From Using Wen By Chaz

Women that work know that they need to look their best when they are in a meeting or going up for a promotion. They need their hair to cooperate when they have a big day coming up. In many cases, women run into problems with their hair because it is either too oily or too dry. They need a product that will work with their hair type, and allow it to look healthy and clean. They will want to try Wen by Chaz so that they can get their hair in shape. Then, they will look great all of the time.

What Makes Wen By Chaz Work So Well For Women?

The hair care product, WEN by Chaz was made for women of all ages, and women that have any type of hair. This means that if her hair is oily or dry, she will benefit from using the Wen by Chaz hair care product. In only a few applications, she will begin to see results. Her hair will look shinier, and it will soft to the touch. She won’t have to fight with it every time she has a big meeting to go to, it will work with her when she uses Wen by Chaz.

How Does A Woman Use Wen By Chaz?

Wen by Chaz Dean ( is a shampoo and conditioner in one. She just needs to use it once or twice when she is in the shower to keep her hair looking great. Since this saves her a lot of time and money, she will be very pleased at how Wen by Chaz will work for her.

When women use Wen by Chaz regularly, they are so pleased with the results that they won’t every use another product again. They even buy extra bottles to keep on hand because they never want to run out. Visit Wen’s Twitter and Facebook page for more info.


What Is The Gooee Internet Of Buildings?

The Gooee Internet of buildings is a new system that is developing in buildings where Gooee is installing their lights. Lighting from Gooee is quite popular in commercial buildings, and this article explains how the Internet of Buildings comes to be with Gooee IoT.

#1: What Are Gooee IoT Lights?

Gooee IoT lights are those that shine based on the information gathered by the fixture. The fixture uses sensors to collect information about light usage in a room, and the sensors tell the lights to turn on and off. The sensors are installed on every fixture, and the sensors are tuned to natural light, when the lights are used and long they are used.

#2: How Does A Large Building Use Gooee?

Large buildings are using Gooee will run their lights without human input. The lights are managing themselves, and they are running without a thought in the building. Offices open every day with the lights turning on when someone enters the room, and the building has a simple system at the front desk that controls the lights during emergencies.

#3: Is Gooee IoT Lighting Cost-Effective?

Gooee IoT light fixtures are cost-effective because they use less energy in turning them selves on and off. There are quite a few people who benefit when the lights are installed, and the most common are those who own commercial buildings. The building becomes a living entity that will run itself while the management team handles small issues that arise during the work day.

The Amazing Story Behind the Launch of the Kabbalah Center

For thousands of years, Kabbalah has successfully remained focused on its mission of obtaining the hidden knowledge of God, such as God’s creations for the visible and invisible universe. Until now, Kabbalah is explained as a concealed knowledge or Jewish mysticism. Kabbalah has been presented as ancient wisdom passed down via oral traditional to handpicked individuals starting from Adam to Abraham, and eventually to Moses. Centuries ago, this knowledge was reserved for a select group of married men aged 40 years and above. Precisely, the Jew’s general preference was responsible for limiting the spread of Kabbalah teachings.

Factors that hindered the spread of Kabbalah

Jewish men in their early 20s and late30s could choose to study directly from a qualified Kabbalist. However, personal studies were met with strict restrictions. Accessing written materials such as books and manuscripts proved to a difficult task since they were scarce and expensive. Women, children, and uneducated men were never considered for any formal training irrespective of if the training sessions were taking place next to their homes. The main reason behind the restrictions of Kabbalah dissemination is that it exposed Godly matters that were a bit concealed in Torah. This ancient knowledge focused on the inner characters of God rather than outer perceptions.

The rise of Kabbalah

In the early 13 century, more people started to study Kabbalah and its aspects were introduced into traditional Jewish rituals and beliefs. Between 1500 and 1800, the wisdom became popular among Jewish communities based in the Middle East and Europe. Jerusalem became a promising center for studying Kabbalah in the 1900s and attracted men from all over the world, including Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the brains behind The Kabbalah Center. He was born back in 1885 in Warsaw and brought up by a Chasidic family. He had an opportunity to study the traditional Jewish education. He started learning Kabbalah at a tender age, and the works of Rav Isaac Luria impressed him a lot. Rav Ashlag recruited several students but increasingly focused on sharpening the skills of one of his most talented and committed students, Rav Brandwein. After the demise of Rav Ashlag, Brandwein took up the responsibility of disseminating the Kabbalah wisdom. With the help of his wife (Karen), Brandwein introduced Kabbalah in the U.S. by instituting a Kabbalah Center.

The History of Kabbalah Centre and its secret wisdom

Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1992 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Rav was the first master dedicated and strived to make the guarded wisdom accessible. He published detailed information of Kabbalah wisdom to enlighten his student Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein who also handed it down the lineage to Rav Berg, and this is how Kabbalah Centre evolved.

The Kabbalah wisdom was revealed thousands of years ago. The concealed knowledge included the design of the whole universe both seen and unseen. Kabbalah is therefore popularly known as the Jewish Mysticism or secret wisdom. Back then, the knowledge was handed down the line through word of mouth and to only married men who were above 40 years. Generally the Jewish community did not approve of kabbalah’s widespread dissemination.

It was hard for the young generation to access the written materials since the books and the manuscripts were scarce and unaffordable at the time. Nevertheless, some of the Kabbalah believers felt that the secret wisdom should be widely spread and shared even by other believers outside Jewish religion. However, Kabbalah was never taught to women, children or illiterate men due to speculation that they were unfit or could not comprehend the manifold wisdom of Kabbalah.

In the 18th century, the Kabbalists and rabbis made it more complicated to access the information and prohibited unsupervised access to the manuscripts and books. Despite the efforts of print media publishing a lot of copies for distributions, a good number of rabbis and Kabbalists preferred to keep the secret wisdom in handwritten materials to avoid printing errors or misinterpretations. To an extent, some of the teachings were deliberately left in worded codes and cryptic allowing only the informed with the wisdom decipher the hidden contents.

Kabbalah was primarily hidden from public since it contained knowledge about God and was only explicitly revealed in Torah. Kabbalistic is mostly the fundamental aspects of God rather than the outer perception. The book of Zohar is the core document that contains and provides all the details and information about the secret wisdom of Kabbalah.

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John Goullet Develops Successful IT Staffing Solutions

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur, and IT specialist focused on providing IT solutions to firms. He graduated from the Ursinus College and is prominent for his success in IT staffing. John Goullet commits to resolving diverse, complex IT problems by providing customized services to create a long-term working relationship with his customers. After graduating from Ursinus College, John served as an IT expert in the following firms:

• Cap Gemini America
• Computer Sciences Corp
• The Constell Group
• Piscataway
• Bridgewater
• TSR Consultants

In 1994, John left his career as a computer consultant to establish his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies, a company that focused on understanding the corporate environmental trends while providing custom-tailored IT solutions to meet specific customer needs. At Info Technologie, John Goullet would match his skills, personal drive, and work style to address various challenges in the ever-evolving IT industry. Under his tenure, John Goullet grew Info Technologies into a top ranking organization, having won accolades such as featuring on Inc. magazine’s list as one of the fastest growing firms in the United States.

John Goullet was appointed as DIVERSANT’s Principle in 2010. With a broad experience in the world of the technology, John Goullet was instrumental to the growth of DIVERSANT LLC. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Goullet would leverage his entrepreneurial skills in transforming a small idea into a big business plan. Mr. Goullet has an excellent track record of success in his past and present endeavors. Mr. Goullet believes that entrepreneurs build ideas from scratch. As such, they have unique talents that match nobody else.


With an extensive background in IT staffing, John has unique values and attributes that help him stand the pact amid stiff competition in the IT staffing industry. DIVERSANT LLC is an IT staffing firm that strives for greatness with its motto being ‘Empowered by Difference.’ Under Goullet’s leadership, DIVERSANT LLC built long-term strategic relationships with its customers. At DIVERSANT LLC, customers are considered as business partners; therefore, they take part in decision making. DIVERSANT LLC is lucky to have John Goullet as its Principle, as he is passionate about developing new techniques to address complex challenges in the ever-evolving IT marketplace.

Why Companies Choose Online Reputation Management

Owning a business requires you to manage your online reputation management in a professional manner. If you do not know what online reputation management actually means for you, this is something that you should definitely look into if you are the owner of a company and trying to grow it to its full potential. One of the most important things for a new company is to have a good online management for their reputation. If your reputation is lacking on the internet, this can actually determine the amount of people who come to visit you each and every day.

This is why so many people are choosing to hire an online Reputation Defender and management company to do the work for them. This company can take everything that is about your business on the internet and manage it so that people are able to find positive news as opposed to negative reviews that might be written about your company. In general, this could help a lot of people to find better options when looking for your company and it can allow them to come and visit you to make the most out of your company’s needs.

By hiring a company like this, you are doing something beneficial for you and your future. The reason for this is because if you are reputation is lacking, this is going to deter the amount of people who come to visit you each and every day. Instead, the online reputation management company will do their very best to ensure that this is something that is done for you so that you do not have to worry about it in the least. One of the most important things for you to do is to look for different options as far as companies that are available and see how much they are hiring and charging for the work that has to be done. A lot of companies are choosing to hire online reputation management companies because it truly works to help them and their individual needs so that they can get the amount of clients they want in order to stay afloat as a company owner.

Town Residential Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth over time. In the latest housing crash, a lot of people were scared away from investing in this area. Before the crash, a lot of investors were borrowing as much money as possible to purchase a home. This led to a lot of issues down the road. With the housing market in recovery, more investors are starting to buy again. Town Residential is a great company to work with during this process. They have a lot of knowledge in local real estate, and the company can be a great resource if you are looking for a partner. A home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, and it only makes sense to get extra advice during the process.


Town Residential


From the time the company was started, Town Residential has been focused on the customer. A lot of people have little knowledge of real estate, and it is really helpful to have a quality real estate company give advice. In addition, many people let emotions get the best of them when it comes to buying a home. A nice home is a status symbol in a lot of areas. If you want to start investing for your future, work with Town Residential first. The company can help you formulate an investing plan that makes sense based on the current real estate market and your future goals.




When buying a home, most people borrow money to complete the transaction. There are a lot of variables to consider before deciding on a loan. A lot of people borrow too much money over time. A mortgage is a long term loan, and it is important to consider the future consequences that will come along with this decision. Instead of borrowing as much money as possible, think about ways to get creative with your financing options. The more options you have, the better off you will be.


Final Thoughts


Real estate is one of the most dynamic industries in the world today. There are a lot of people who are looking to start investing in this area. Town Residential is a great company to work with during this process. The company has a track record of success in helping customers find the best home for their situation. Investing in real estate is a long term decision, and you need to make sure your finances can support your investing ideals. Over a long period of time, Town Residential is a great partner to work with during this process.