Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

QI Group of Companies Executive Chairman and Founder of, Dr. Vijay Eswaran, is one of the best business leaders in the word and the Middle East. According to him, he has struggled to lead the multi-lateral business conglomerate in various industries and business sectors. Vijay has worked so hard to develop and maintain his business through all walks of life. Vijay has worked to identify business opportunities all his life. For this reason, Vijay Eswaran has worked towards the development of major business in financial services, retail, direct selling, hospitality, and education. QNET is one of the biggest subsidiaries of QI Group of Companies which was established in 1998 in Malaysia. In the recent past, the company has appeared in the global business view as one of the major businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

Vijay Eswaran has managed to merge traditional e-commerce methods and sales models in business through his stakeholders and knowledge in the field. According to Vijay Eswaran, he worked t envision a new group of companies that would merge to form a global reach through the Internet as the largest market in the world. Vijay saw a great potential in the emergence of the internet. For this reason, he has worked to reach the people through the internet as a global rich on Facebook. Therefore, he brought together a team of investors and business experts to formulate a way in which they would benefit from the internet through a multi-lateral business conglomerate. For this reason, he merged and tested emerging business models with the e-commerce models.

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According to his partners, he worked in endless consultation to ascertain the benefits and downfalls of the firm management. In numerous times, Vijay Esawaran was at loggerheads with his business partners on the choice of partnering business. However, they stood steadfast in their decisions and supported them to the end of the matter. For this reasons, they started going through the sales of precious metals in the European Markets. They survived through the harsh economic environment through dedication and business forms to get a contract to supply the 2000 Sydney Olympics with the Gold and Silver medals. This was the beginning of success. See:

The Lung Institute Introduces New Stem Cell Therapies

A Breakthrough In Medicine

Stem cells have fascinated scientists and doctors for years, but the Lung Institute is finally giving the world the first glimpse into the future of medicine with its new stem cell treatments. Focusing on some of the most severe lung diseases, the Lung Institute is giving patients a new chance at life. In the past, these patients would have needed demanding and invasive procedures to function. Today, they can enjoy relatively simple surgeries and improved quality of life.

The Body Heals Itself

The procedures the Lung Institute offers are basically centered around the body’s natural healing process. Basically as explained on cedars-sinai, stem cells are the building blocks of all other cells. Everything that body grows or repairs comes from stem cells. When you are injured in some fashion, stem cells will transform into the particular type of cells you are in need of. Stem cell therapy takes the natural activity of stem cells and uses them to treat chronic diseases. The stem cells are usually derived from the blood or bone marrow of the patient, but they are useful regardless of the tissue they are used in.

Taking On Lung Disease

Chronic lung diseases can cause drastic setbacks in life for those who suffer from them. When you have issues with breathing, simple tasks such as walking upstairs or lifting a box are often too difficult to fulfill. According to, the list of the diseases the Lung Institute tackles is staggering. Emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, and COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, are just a few of these devastating illnesses. When you read the stories of those who have survived these diseases the testimonies sound like an entirely new people. Patients run, jump, and live their lives as if they had never had the disease.

The Direction Of Medicine

The Lung Institute is providing some of the first clear examples of stem cell therapy in practiced medicine. Others will naturally follow suit and provide stem cell therapy for other diseases as well. Years from now we may even look at this as the beginning of regenerative medicine. For more information visit


Keith Mann Reaches Out to Help Uncommon High School Graduates

Many young people in high school will be preparing for their graduation this year. Graduating from high school is a huge event in the lives of high school seniors. It is one of the biggest accomplishments that they have made up to that point in their lives. However, in many ways, it is only the beginning for many graduating high school seniors. The plan for many seniors graduating from high school is to attend college.

Attending college is a dream that many young people have, and the dream has usually been in their lives for many years. Some of the young people have made plans and thought about the day that they would be able to start college. Although the dream and plans for college are great, the reality for some young people who want to attend college depends on the ability to pay for college. The cost of college is very expensive and some young people do not have the family support to be able to pay for college.

As a result, some graduating high school seniors who want to go to college must find resources to help pay for the cost of attending college. One of the ways that many young people pay for college is by earning scholarships. There are many scholarships available for young people who want to attend college. However, the people who want the scholarships must take the time to locate the scholarships and apply for the scholarships.

Keith Mann is a businessman who cares about the education of young people. He encourages young people to go to college and earn a degree. Recently Keith Mann started a scholarship for seniors graduating from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The value of the scholarship is $5,000.

Uncommon Schools is an organization that has a network of charter schools in the three state New York area. The organization provides education from the K-12 level. Uncommon Schools has an excellent reputation in the communities where it provides charter schools.

Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, which is an executive search firm. The firm provides a variety of executive search services for companies that are looking to fill positions within the companies.

Keith Mann has many years of experience in the executive search industry. He has helped hundreds of companies fill key positions over the years. Keith Mann has an outstanding reputation in the executive search industry.

EOS is Slowly Becoming the Lip Balm Leader

The EOS brand is becoming one of the most interesting companies for lip balm, and this company is just getting started. EOS lip balm has a bountiful number of flavors, and this is the inside secret to the success that has made this product appeal to children and adults.

Children like flavors. They also like colors. Many of them are also impressed with the sphere shapes of the EOS lip balm products. Parents do not have to fight with resistant children that may have opposed the old-fashioned medicated lip balm. Children that get access to the EOS flavors like passion fruit or strawberry sorbet are going to be highly pleased with the flavors that are available. It is very easy for children to embrace these flavors. That is also the reason that many people are getting these products in bulk. They know that they can acquire these products and share the different types of lip balms between everyone in the family.

EOS is a product that appeals to many adults. This is the type of product that makes lips smooth, and that is the other target group that EOS is going after. Women like the sweet flavors of this lip balm, but they may be more concerned about a product that is going to make their lips smooth. This is the selling point for many people that are interested is a lip balm product. The EOS lip balms, which come in circular pastel tubes, have gained popularity quickly, and are sold at discount department and drug stores like Well, Walgreens and Target. See,

Many women are also going to embrace the product because it has a lot of female celebrities that are interested in this product. When the stars like Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson are seen with this product it causes a sensational Facebook social media buzz that other women are going to witness. EOS has managed to become the leader in lip balm sales by targeting females and children.

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