Desiree Perez Influences Tidal Services

Since Desiree Perez was introduced to work with Tidal, there have been significant developments. Tidal had become to dwindle, but at the moment it has regained its stability. Desiree Perez is a great person who has a lot of influence in what he does. Jay-Z had invested a lot in the company, and he could not watch the company go down because of management issues. Since he made a decision to hire Desiree Perez, the company is now riding to the path of success. It is now clear that the corporation cannot collapse and it is achieving competitive advantage over the other firms.

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Many would wonder why Desiree Perez is suitable for that position and why she is that ready to ensure that Tidal Succeeds in its undertakings. Many qualities make the lady be able to achieve in the management of music streaming company. First, is being passionate about what she does. She is passionate about music and nurturing young talents. Now Tidal offers high royalties to the musicians who are signed to the company. Having a strong convincing power is also crucial in the business. It is because many deals are involved, and one has to be firm concerning making of decisions. That is what made Jay-Z hire her for the position, and it is working.


Tidal has invested a lot in paying their artists significant royalties. There is a need for any company to make profits and Tidal is now on the way to making great profits and signing crucial contracts. Desiree Perez is doing everything to help Jay-Z come out strong with his company. As of now, the firm is on its way to success because of good leadership. Desiree has the leadership quality that needs to take the company to become the best in the world.


David Glertz Talks Social Security

David Giertz understands the financial industry. For years he has been helping his clients make wise decisions about their retirement. David Giertz’ experience makes him more than qualified as he has held a number of important positions over the years. Recently he sat down with Veronica Dagher of WSJ to explain his views on Social Security and how financial advisors are currently discussing it with their clients.

For years there has been concern about the future of Social Security. In his interview with WSJ, David Giertz explains how Social Security is a program that has many complex components. It is his belief that this is the reason many financial advisors are avoiding the topic all together with their clients. With thousands of rules surrounding the program, advisors may just not want to even begin the discussion on Giertz believes this is a mistake however, and his company Nationwide has talked to many people who have chosen to switch advisors simply because they have neglected to talk about the Social Security. Simply put Giertz believes Social Security is a topic.

Giertz has built a strong resume making him more than qualified for his current opinions on He earned multiple degrees and held a number of high ranking positions including as Vice President of sales for his company. His work at Nationwide is respected by many in his field. He has accumulated multiple decades of experience in his field.

Outside of the financial world on Finra, Giertz is an active person. He is active in the community working on the board of multiple universities. He is committed to sharing his knowledge and giving back to others. He is an active runner and enjoys working out as well. He continues to use his knowledge to help others with their financial needs at

A Hair Raising Wengie Hack

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair!” Said the handsome prince. Had lovely Rapunzel not maintained her mile long locks, the prince may have fallen to his demise when her split ends gave way. Amazingly, our wonderful Wengie has life hacks for your hair that every hair lover should know, to keep your hair strong, shiny and healthy.


“You are what you eat” should be your new mantra according to Wengie. Foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Biotin, and folic acids. Daily life often keeps us from snacking healthy, so Wengie suggests Sugar Bear vitamins, which are 100% natural and vegetarian friendly. Sugar Bear has all of the nutrients you need for happy, healthy follicles.


Dirty brushes cause dirty hair, even after you’ve just washed it. We are all guilty of stepping out of the shower, grabbing our brush and brushing out the tangles without a second thought. But a brush that hasn’t been cleaned is just rubbing in oils and grease from brushes past, into freshly washed hair, making it not so fresh. Let us not abandon that brush yet, as Wengie has a simple way to clean and sanitize your brushes. See the video linked below for that must have hair hack.


Wouldn’t wonderful smelling hair be Wengie-tastic? We are so lucky Wengie has a fast and simple way to smooth out any frizz in your hair and help it smell so amazing, all while you brush. I can honestly say, I have never heard of this life hack, and it is so amazingly simple, this is something you can do today. Seriously, right now! Great smelling, anti-frizz hair is only a drier sheet away!


Shocking isn’t it, the way static cling causes your hair to stand on end? You would not want to overload with hairspray as that would cause your hair look dull and heavy. Wengie has a trick to take those fly away strands and settle them down.


There are a number of simple hacks Wengie has introduced us to, grab a scrunchie, a comb and some essential oils and ready yourself to have an amazing Wengie inspired crown of hair.


Todd Lubar: Real Estate Expert

Todd Lubar began his education at the Sidwell Friends School, Washington DC and graduated in 1977. He later joined the Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ. for his high school education before transitioning to Syracuse University where he acquired his B.A. degree in speech communication. Todd graduated in 1995 and took up his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked between 1995 and 1999.

It quickly became apparent to Todd Lubar that real estate and finance would be his life long career. In 1999, he joined Legacy Financial Group where he got the opportunity to widen his lending capabilities. He could broker loans to external investors as well as lending as a direct mortgage bank.

Todd Ventures into Mortgage Financing

In 2002, Todd decided to take his business to another level and founded Legendary Properties, LLC, which is a residential development company. Through the new firm, he facilitated faster progression of purchase, rehabilitation, and sale of properties ranging from single houses to multi-unit properties of over 20 units. Todd could transact over 200 businesses and develop cordial relationships with experienced property developers to ensure quality and timely service delivery. This helped him in establishing strong relationships with the major banking institutions and acquiring credits as high as $20 million. See,

Todd’s continued involvement in the mortgage banking industry led to the founding of Charter Funding in 2003. It’s a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation, which is among the largest private mortgage firms in the U.S.

Need an expert advice? Contact Todd Lubar at

Venturing in New Niches

Having observed the real estate market for more than 12 years, Todd discovered a niche of underserved customers. Consequently, he started the Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. It is a commercial lending firm that targets individuals and companies who are unable to access the traditional lending sources. Todd used the strong liquidity of the Legendary properties in addition to his personal funds to support this cadre of borrowers. With over 7000 credit transactions, Todd has the ability to analyze the overall risks of every credit scenario and make an appropriate decision based on the prevailing market conditions. Visit Todd’s Spokeo page for more info.



Appointment of Helane Morrison as SEC Administrator

During October 2016, Halane Morrison was appointed as the administrator of SEC. She was considered the most qualified person for this job due to her long profile with incredible achievements. She is a highly qualified professional with a B.S. degree in Journalism which she acquired from Northwestern University. She went to Berkeley School of Law at the University of California to acquire a Juris Doctor degree. Due to her intelligence and talent, she was chosen to serve California Law Review as Editor-in-Chief Berkeley School of Law. She began her career as a law clerk. She worked for Harry A. Blackmun who was a justice of the supreme court. She also worked for Seventh Circuit US Court of Appeals Justice Hon. Richard A. Posner.


Helane Morrison decided to practice law in private sector in San Francisco. Later, she joined US Securities and Exchange Commission Office in San Francisco. Her duties included dealing with regulatory matters, litigation, and securities enforcement. In 1996, she was promoted to enforcement head of SEC office, San Francisco. Her job was to present the organization in government agencies, financial communities, news media, business organizations, and legal organizations. In 1999, she became the head of SEC office, San Francisco and was dealing matters like litigation, securities enforcement, and regulatory matters in several states. Her current job includes responsibilities like managing examination programs and enforcement in San Francisco office jurisdiction. She has a vast experience of servicing several investigations which initiated actions of enforcement. Before that, her duties included defending those clients which SEC was suing. She has the honor to be one of the few female administrators of SEC.


Helane Morrison’s also worked as Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, and Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners, LLC. She is a part of the Executive Committee of the firm. She has disclosed that her future tasks would include what SEC is very interested in, and that is services like online brokerage that are very popular now a day. Her role would be to see how online brokerage is practiced and following the law. The incredible work Morrison has done in SEC and Hall Capital won her the Women on the Move title by BizJournals. Her achievements both in SEC and Hall Capital are acknowledged by everyone who has worked directly or indirectly with her. She is known for her dedication to developing good relations with employees. Her greatest achievement is to follow all government regulations transparently.


How Does Arthur Becker Make His Mark In New York Real Estate?

Arthur Becker is one of the newer faces in New York real estate, and he is using his millions to invest in properties he believes have potential. This NY Daily News article explains how Arthur is spending his money on new properties in the city, and there is a look at how his investments are changing the face of the city. Arthur is an major investor who is bringing something new to the city that was not there in the past.

#1: The Original Condos

Arthur paid around $20 million to help build a massive development that was comprised of condos. The condos were part of a major complex that he planned to see through to completion. His eye was caught by something across town that was more interesting to him. He has made a trade that will allow him to take ownership of a new development, and its location in Soho is quite popular.

#2: 10 Sullivan Street

The properties at 10 Sullivan Street are three townhomes that were produced as part of an unrelated real estate project, and Arthur wanted to have the three he traded for as a new sort of investment. He is willing to live in one, and he will sell or rent the other two. The project is worth nearly $30 million, and his investment in it will net at least $10 million in profit. Arthur has made the right monetary choice, and he has chosen a lovely location.

#3: The Soho Location

The location in Soho is one of the most-popular in America reveals NY Mag, and Arthur knows there are quite a few people who will enjoy living in the air. He knows it is important to have a property that is popular with the public, and he knows there are many who will enjoy the location because the sound of Soho alone conjures images of the New York of the movies.

Arthur’s investment in New York real estate is a place where he may live and sell to others. He is taking over three townhomes as he has chosen the property that has the higher value and appeal.

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