Talk Fusion: The Company That Is Wowing Its Customers

Talk Fusion is a company that knows business is simple. It comes down to making the customers happy and keeping them coming back for more. It only gets complicated when people make it complicated. Talk Fusion has been able to keep things simple for the customers in that they will know how to use Talk Fusion and use it without any issues, but they have also made it complex and wide ranging with features such as video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences, which is just a few of the services this spectacular award-winning company has offered to its customers. Learn more:

They know that the customers expect more out of Talk Fusion because of what they have achieved so far as a company. They are not greedy customers. They are just smart, and they know Talk Fusion is capable of a lot with someone like Bob Reina in charge. Going back to them being award-winning, they won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( This is great news for Talk Fusion as it gives them even more relevance with their customers and with people that want to give Talk Fusion a go for the very first time. This is a big award that carries with it a lot of validity.

Again, that has never been an issue with Talk Fusion as they have always delivered to their customers, but there are still a few people that are not familiar with Talk Fusion. This brings Talk Fusion into focus for them. When they read the link that was shared, they hear all of the good that Talk Fusion does and how it won two awards from a company that is quoted as a media giant, they can’t help but say, “What is this company and how do I join?” They can join right now, thirty days, for free with a trial period. Learn more:

This will give them a first-hand account on what to expect out of Talk Fusion and how it will be as good as the awards it received in 2016. What awards/changes are around the corner in 2017 for Talk Fusion? Stay tuned! Learn more:

The Things I Learned When I Was Hacked

Since I was hacked and lost all my important data, I have been very cautious. I have taken caution in a variety of ways. This includes using Rubica protection.


Rubica is a cyber-security firm that protects the digital rights of individuals to privacy and security. The company’s goal is to ultimate decrease cyber-crime incidences. If you are a world class corporation, then Rubica is the answer to your privacy and security issues.


The full service of Rubica’s cyber security safeguards all your gadgets despite your location whenever you use them. The firm has a private network and a human-assisted machine learning technology to safeguard you. Moreover, the company’s team of experts in security checks your activities to safeguard you from cyber criminals’ attempts to gather your personal data and benefit from it, like I was hacked (Rubica).

The elite cyber security team is located in the USA and comprises experts previously at top security organizations like Scotland Yard, US Navy, and NSA.


The firm also a group of advisors known as Concentric advisors. The group offers digital and physical safeguarding to the most prominent individuals in the world. A real-time team of analysts monitors your data to pinpoint threats on the basis of your personal behavioral patterns. To meet the demand of custom machine-learning technology of Concentric and the increasing need for personal digital protection, Concentric rebranded its cyber division to Rubica in 2016. The firm is funded by top technology investors such as Upfront Ventures, Lere Hippeau, Expa Labs, and Slow Ventures.


Rubica gets rid of the complexity of personal cyber privacy and security by handling it for you behind the scenes. Simply download the Rubica app to every tablet, computer, and smartphone and Rubica will handle the rest.


I have never felt safer than now since I was hacked. Rubica secures my personal information and it has made my privacy their priority. Let Rubica take care of you!



Smart Home is the Latest development in Real Estate

The advancement in technology, as well as the presence of internet, has significantly impacted on the real estate industry. Besides changing the way information regarding real estate is shared and obtained, technology has brought us a new concept of smart homes. The technology is an advancement of the interest of things. With the smart home technology, one can control and monitor the activities in his/her home through their smartphones. A report that was published last year revealed that the smart home market would be more than $60 billion by the year 2021. The report shows that soon, smart homes will not be a luxury but a norm.

Life has indeed been made easier for people who have invested in smart homes. The levels of smart home technology are different from one person to the other. Some of the smart homes have toilets with features that are able to detect a health issue and send the data to the doctor. The demand for this technology is inspired by the need to do things instantly and also stay safe. With the smart home technology, one would not be worried if they forget to switch off the stove and is held up in traffic. With systems such as Siri and Alexa, one can quickly turn off any synced appliance by just tapping on a screen. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Todd Lubar has an interest in smart homes. He had predicted its prominence some years ago. Unlike other people in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar has sought to remain informed on the latest in the industry. He is the president of Global ventures and possesses more than 20 years of experience in the real estate sector. His excellence in work amounted to being recognized as one of the 25 top mortgage originators in the United States of America.

Todd Lubar attended the Syracuse University from where he earned his Bachelor of Arts. His career began in the year 1995 when he worked at Creston Mortgage Corporation. Todd Lubar has acquired experiences from various industries including the recycling and demolition. He attributes his success to the unwavering dedication and focus on his work. He believes that honesty is key to making a good leader.

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