Jason Hope on why Internet of Thing is the best tech news ever

The internet of things concept is a technology that involves various electronic devices connecting remotely on the same network and being able to share data with each other. This technology is aimed at creating an efficient world, one in which it is simple to have information about the things that a person requires in his daily life.

According to tech enthusiast, Jason Hope, the Internet of Things concept will overtake the smart technology that we are experiencing today. The smart technology that man is familiar with is one that revolves around the use of computer devices and smartphones.

Internet of things concept will come to improve and advance the smart technology to new higher levels. The smart technology that we are using today will assist man do some of the daily chores such as making coffee. It will be possible to command your cooker to prepare morning breakfast for you without even having to move into the kitchen. Other functions will include remotely switching off lights or pulling the curtains automatically. It is good to state at this point that, some of these technologies are already being implemented, but only a small percentage of the world population have been able to apply it.

The internet of things concept is bringing competition in the corporate sector as companies try to outdo each other on which can create the best applications that can implement the internet of things technology. Companies will be competing in creating consumer products that utilize the internet of things technology, that is, products that will be able to connect and share data with others. Jason expects the competition between these companies to push the world into realizing the benefits of the Internet of Thing very soon.

The advantage of adopting the Internet of Things technology according to Jason Hope is that it will help us eliminate wastages. For example, in its application in the transport sector, IoT will help road users know the status of the roads they are using. This will help them avoid roads that are dangerous to drive on and those that are congested. Such information will help road users save time by taking different routes. Also, once public trust in public transport is restored, people will most likely opt to use the public transport system rather than using their cars. The net effect is a reduction in the number of vehicles on the road and hence few cases of congestion.

Jason Hope is a tech enthusiast who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also a popular philanthropist and entrepreneur.

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End Citizens United Turns Attention to Senate Endorsments

The 2016 Presidential Election is likely to go down in the history books as one of the most bizarre moments in American history. While it was fun for awhile to laugh and mock the ascension of Donald Trump into a political mainstay, his actual inauguration cast a new shadow over the United States. Problems in the United States have since been more pronounced under the disastrous and ill-prepared Trump regime. Now, more than ever, groups like End Citizens United are going to be relied upon to fight the good fight in order to quell Washington’s current quagmire.

End Citizens United was established with the sole intent of bringing about legislative change to the highest levels of the government in order to get dark money out of politics. End Citizens United is focused entirely on special interests and dark money and how it influences the government. The term most commonly heard on the campaign trail is ‘Campaign Finance Reform’. Campaign finance reform is absolutely imperative to the health of the United States in the longterm as well as the health of the elections coming up in 2017 and 2018.

Lobbyists were handed the keys to the city in 2010 when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the conservative group Citizens United. This group argued that corporations should be treated like people and that their campaign contributions should be an extension of their free speech as citizens. This was obviously a transparent attempt by Citizens United to allow billionaires and millionaires to legally influence legislators in office. Despite this relative transparency, which is ironic considering that their goal is to undermine United States democracy, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the decision.

End Citizens United is led by PAC President Tiffany Muller. Over the past year, the political action committee has seen renewed vigor in terms of support from people all around the country. The United States is clearly rejecting what Donald Trump stands for and it has resulted in a huge boost in terms of donations and grassroots support. In order to harness this recent energy, the team at End Citizens United is focusing on endorsing legislators that are running for office in 2017 and 2018. Their goal is to help champions of campaign finance reform get into office so that they have the potential to introduce legislation that can help repeal the Citizens United decision.

Most recently the team at End Citizens United endorsed KyrstenSinema for US Senate in Arizona. Sinema is a United States Congresswoman who has fought her entire career against the powers of Big Money and special interests. Sinema would be a champion in the fight against political corruption which makes her endorsement from ECU all the more important.

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The Magic Encounter With Logan Stout

Why magic? That is what most of you will ask. This is because Logan Stout is a rear being you will ever meet if you have to. With his educational background from the University of Dallas which is located in Irving, TX, Logan Stout is more than Founder and CEO of IDLife.

To start, Logan Stout is a passionate philanthropist. He combines this with his in-depth knowledge of business ownership. Stout likes helping people who have business ideas, but they lack experience. Due to his passion, he gives leadership skills which are needed in running business and information on how to get the required resources for the company. The skills and knowledge offered by Logan Stout will help this new entrepreneur and his business to get off the ground.

As a keynote speaker, Logan Stout is a helper who has helped many people move forward. His talks are always about leadership. He still aims at improving young people in ways of becoming better managers in their young growing businesses. He does all that work as leadership trainer who is one of his magical skills.

Apart from helping individuals, Logan Stout is known as an accomplished business owner who has benefited IDLife, LLC in moving forward. Under his leadership, IDLife, LLC was able to partner with Troy Aikman, celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom. Also, he has helped in running this growing IDLife business which was founded in 2014 from its state to be one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies. If you do not know what IDLife, LLC deals with and then read on. This is a firm that is known for selling organic nutritional supplements that are good for managing body weight.

As mentioned early Stout, has many life skills which he uses to help people. With his keynote speaking and writing skills, he shares his work by partnering with other international and local speakers and authors. One of his partners is John C. Maxwell. Then two big minds will soon change the world by sharing their leadership ideas. The result will be excellent leadership skills in each and every nation.

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Things You Need to Know About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a great philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur. He has contributed to the development of the economy in various countries through its great ventures in real estate sector. He has an excellent educational background and having studied at the University of South California, Adam gained vast skills in the field of business, which he specialized in at school. After his relocation to the united states saw him start his business career as a sales agent in the real estate sector. Adam later rose to be one of the most prolific real estate investors in the country and has not turned back since he took up various positions at a commercial real estate firm the Hager Pacific Properties.

Being an Israelite, Adam highly values a respects, other people, besides caring for their welfare. The renowned investor has taken a huge role as an active philanthropist, and he fully understands the greatness of offering people what they need the most. He is patriotic to his country and thrives on doing his best to ensure that Jewish people do not fall victims of discrimination and that they quickly access all the services that they need in a particular area or country without necessarily being tortured.

Together with his wife, Adam founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is a charitable organization that focuses on working In collaboration with other charitable organizations to raise funds with the aim of helping the disadvantaged individuals in the society. Besides the organization also seeks to unite the Jewish people and strengthen the relationship of the state of Israel with that of the population of the United States. Adam Milstein has impressed many people due to his exclusive philanthropic work, and through the vast financial contributions as well as encouragement that he gives to people, he has successfully helped to improve the lives of many people.

Adam was recently listed among the most inspiring philanthropists in the world by a London Magazine and is also a member of the Israel on Campus Coalition, AIPAC National Council, among many other charity organizations in the country.

About Adam Milstein: www.facebook.com/adammilsteiniac/

Samuel Strauch – A Successful Leader In Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is an Entrepreneur operating in Real Estate. He had attended Hofstra University in New York where he obtained an undergraduate degree. Along with this, Samuel also attended Harvard University and Erasmus University located in Rotterdam. Upon graduating, Samuel began his career banking. He had eventually left this career path and decided to join a real estate company which was owned by his family. Samuel’s work in real estate had then led him to start his own business in 2002.

Located in South Florida, Samuel Stauch decided to launch his own real estate company known as Metrik Real Estate. This real estate company focuses on real estate along with serving clients with attorneys, mortgage lenders, accountants, and more. The idea to start this company came from a realization made by Samuel himself. He had realized a new wave of real estate development and the transformation of South Florida into a metropolis. This had pushed him to develop Metrik Real Estate. Samuel Strauch claims that the key to his business is meeting foreign investors, partners, and clients, and creating a relationship with them. This allows him to start new ideas and discover property.

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Samuel Strauch states that being forward thinking and creative is what set his company apart from others. At Metrik Real Estate, Samuel also finds it helpful to analyze every idea and keep an open mind. He claims that he stays successful by doing three things. These three things are to be grateful, continue to keep an open mind, and lastly to set goals for a specific day. These principles are what has allowed Samuel to become and continue to be a successful businessman. The advice Samuel Strauch gives to others it to always think of business situations as a win-win. He states that this is critical to do and will help you and the people which you are working with. This type of thinking allowed Samuel to build strong relationships and grow his real estate business into what it is today.

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Get the Best Loan for Your Child’s Education from FreedomPlus

When it comes to the final month of summer, it is time for most people to start thinking about back to school. With the many activities that come with the back to school season such as shopping, attending parent/teacher meetings and choosing the best extracurricular activities for your child. When it comes to all these, most people get chilled up especially transitioning from late summer nights from work to preparing children for school early in the mornings. Luckily for you, here are a few tips to make your work easier from Freedom Financial Network’s Kevin Gallegos.

First and foremost, you need to get your shopping list in time. The best way to do this is by getting the shopping list of what is needed from your child’s school. This will save you time and money. Most schools nowadays send their shopping lists to their enrolled students’ emails or via mail. However, if you don’t receive such a list via any of these means, you can make an effort of calling the school and requesting for the list.

Establishing a comprehensive budget is next. Having the list of the things you need for your child’s back to school will enable you to set your budget right. Mr. Gallegos has one simple advice for you. Don’t shop too early, wait till clearance sales start. To save more money, make sure you don’t buy what you might have already in the house. In case you are short on money, you can get a loan for your child’s education from Freedomplus.

Having planned your budget right, it is now time to go to the store to buy the necessary items. While the kind of items needed for your child’s back to school may vary based on the school, the age of your child and their grade, your list will guide you to sail through such requirements.
With your child’s back-to-school shopping ready, it is time to consider on how to manage your child’s homework. It is prudent to plan how your child shall be handling their homework in advance.

About Freedomplus

FreedomPlus is a user brand of Freedom Financial Network that underwrites loans to prime customers as well as sub-prime customers. With its headquarters in San Mateo California, FreedomPlus has a loan underwriting process that advances the best loans to its borrowers.

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Rick Smith – Managerial skills and Achievements in Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is an inventive, eager, and skilled moderately aged business visionary who is set to take his vocation to a greater level while adding to the development of his organization. Interest has been driving him to exceed expectations in everything that he sets his brain on doing. He has exceptional administrative abilities that he has obtained from the organizations that he has been working with as a worker or in the administration group. Rick Smith is right now the Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies, an American revenue driven Prison Technology Company that is situated in Dallas.

Rick Smith went to the University of Rochester where he graduated with an MBA in Business Administration and later joined the State University of New York-Buffalo where he pursued his Bachelor Degree in Engineering. Rick proceeded to ace his degree at the University of New York, and he had too procured his Associate Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. He began his vocation in Global Crossing North America in the year 1972, where he worked in different positions from the lesser level to the best administration. Smith left the organization in the year 1998 when he joined Eschelon Telecom Inc. as the organization’s Chief Financial Officer. Rick buckled down and discovered his way up to a place of the President/COO a position he held until the year 2003. Rick Smith Joined his present organization Securus Technologies in the year 2008 as the president, where he has been contributing a great deal decidedly to the point that the administration delegated him as the organization’s CEO.

On January seventh, 2017, Rick Smith declared that the firm had included into its group another senior deals official, John Bell will’s identity in charge of growing cutting edge programming based deals group to help them with their extended arrangement of more than 800 items for law enforcement. John Bell who has a broad involvement in changing hierarchical culture and execution into remarkable execution, extraordinary development, and creating exceptional deals pioneers joined Securus Technologies from December 30th, 2015 as the Senior Vice President of Sales.

Rick Smith reported that Securus Technologies is to the bleeding edge to help in law authorizations and rectification organizations tackle violations and avoid social issues on the planet, specifically among the youngsters. He included that Securus Technologies had gotten many letters and messages from the clients who have been acknowledging and praising them for giving quality administrations. The organization has been helping extraordinarily to keep the prisoners, their families, and the general public more secure than it was in the previous years. Every one of the accomplishments in Securus Technologies is a result of Rich Smith who is devoted to seeing the world improve.

Todd Lubar: A unique journey to success

When it comes to being successful, a lot of effort is required. Todd Lubar, the President of TDL Global Venture, has been through various struggles and put in a lot of effort to ensure he is successful. For him, his journey to success may have taken different routes since his first job at Crestar Mortgage. He then demonstrated his top abilities later at Legacy Financial Group by helping the firm grow its Maryland office to start generating jobs through loans provision. Other positions that he has held include one as the Senior Vice President while in Charter Funding. His inspiration in business comes from his skills in the credit and finance field that has grown for close to two decades.

Besides his skills in the credit and finance field, his approach has also been tested in other ventures where he helps people achieve their goals. Lubar achieves this by improving clients’ accessibility to loans through programs and products that provide them relief. Further, his experience in finance field has helped shape his expertise in real estate and helped him find viable results. All the experience and great results he enjoys today have been a result of hard work coupled with the momentum to keep going regardless of the doubts that may come along the way. Additionally, he acknowledges the importance of paying attention to details which have significantly helped him make informed choices.

Lubar, a B.A graduate from Syracuse University, owns several companies such as in the night club industry and demolition industry where he has large contracts from some of the biggest contractors in the US. It’s the major transformations in the mortgage industry in particular between 2007 and 2008 that made him involve himself in several other businesses. His diversification has helped him become a renown entrepreneur where for several years, he was ranked as the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States, according to Patch.com. From his focus on wanting to be a better person and add value to everything he comes into contact with, it’s no doubt he will continue to be have more impact in various industries. Visit his Facebook page

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Roberto Santiago Has Turned His Manaira Mall Into The Dazzling Jewel Of The Region

According to the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers, the sector in Brazil grew an additional 6.5 percent in 2015 with a turnover of roughly 150 billion. The malls in Paraiba are celebrating their good fortune and one of the most popular malls is the Manaira Shopping center owned by Roberto Santiago. The businessman continues to develop the mall every year making it an incredible success.


Roberto Santiago spent his childhood in Joao Pessoa in Brazil. He became an entrepreneur when he was young and created a cartonage company. Eventually he went into the field of real estate and this is where he made a name for himself. In 1989, he purchased a large piece of land in his hometown and developed the Manaira Shopping mall which quickly became the crown jewel of the city. His mall is one of the largest in Brazil with the construction beginning in 1987. Due to Roberto Santiago’s high standards and the intricacy of the mall the construction lasted for two years.


The Manaira Mall resembles a small city and has every amenity. The options for shopping are extensive, there is a modern theatre, an enchanting concert hall on the rooftop, a fitness center, numerous banks, a college, and a popular food court. Many of the city’s residents come to the mall every day. The concert hall is called Domus Hall and the construction was finished in 2009. The hall is so large it can accommodate large conferences, fairs, exhibits, and concerts. The space is air conditioned with a two-story structure capable of holding 10,000 people. Individual cabins are located on the mezzanine level for private affairs and lounge music while public events are held on the ground floor. The high quality of the acoustics and sound equipment make this the perfect location for theatrical productions and concerts.


Roberto Santiago spared no expense on the entertainment options available at his mall. There is an electronic amusement park, a movie theatre, a bowling alley, and a large area for gaming. The food court has been expanded several times and has options for every appetite and budget. There are a variety of fast food options and high-end restaurants offering a wide selection of foods. The mall offers furniture, books, sports gear, clothing, jewelry, and so much more. Faculty and students frequent the mall because this is where the college of Higher Education of Paraiba is located.


For the last twenty years Roberto Santiago has continued his development of the Manaira Mall and it has become one of the regions prominent attractions. People come for the amazing shopping, dining, and entertainment. International and Brazilian talent has appeared at Domus Hall and the community has been provided with unique cultural experiences.


How Life Line Screening Is Transforming the Healthcare Sector

Life Line Screening is a prevention and wellness clinic established in 1993 in Austin, TX. The organization offers community-based screening services for people across America. Over the years, the company has expanded across UK and USA. It has added finger-stick blood test method to the testing services to check for complete cholesterol count, inflammation, and diabetes.

The lab launched its services in the United Kingdom in 2007. The following year, the clinic expanded and added atrial fibrillation screenings. In 2012, it joined the Australian market using the name Screen for Life. It has collaborated with many hospitals, insurance companies, and nonprofit organizations to provide quality and affordable screening services to the public.


Across the world, the firm has completed over 8 million screenings since it was founded that include blood screenings, electrocardiographs, and ultrasound scans. They organize local community events to deliver the services to patients who cannot make it to the facility. Scholars have confirmed that the screenings are healthy and fit for the human body. The Better Bureau accredited the organization in 1996.

Screening Preparation

All the ultrasounds offered at the center are painless and non-invasive. The tests require little or no preparation at all. You do not need to fast or wearing short sleeves or loose clothing. Medical practitioners at Life Line Screening try to make the procedure easy for their clients.

What to Wear

For a process to test carotid artery disease (stroke) make sure you put on a short-sleeved shirt open at the collar and avoid turtleneck. Testing for atrial fibrillation requires that you wear loose clothing and avoid putting on a watch or pantyhose. Switch off your cell phone and do not apply oil or lotion.

What to expect

During a screening exam, the sonographer will guide you in changing your clothes to hospital attire. They will take the sample that can be urine, saliva, blood, or hair for examination. Different procedures take different time to give results.

Benefits of Screening

Every ultrasound aids in finding a disease early and its cause. Technicians compile a report about what they observe and send it to the doctor. Your practitioner will advise on the steps to take depending on the results.

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