10 Steps To Beautiful Skin Brought To You By Australia’s Top Beauty Guru

Wengie a credible beauty guru, shares with her viewers a detailed 10 step Korean skin care routine. She prefaces the routine run through by explaining that making the most of your time is important. In order to not feel overwhelmed by the amount of time involved in this skincare process it is important to incorporate other activities throughout some of the steps, like watching videos or listening to music.
To begin the skincare routine, start with a pre-cleanse. This step helps to remove all of the makeup products that are on the face. Obviously this step can be skipped in the morning but is necessary at night after wearing makeup all day. Remove all your makeup with a makeup wipe and makeup cleanser. There may still be some makeup residue so apply an oil-based cleanser to get rid of what’s left behind. You can even give yourself a small facial massage during this step. Next, use a foaming cleanser to remove the oil residue. Lather the foam in your hands before applying it to the face, apply, and rinse with room temperature water.
Moving on to the third step, rub a gel exfoliator in circle motions across your skin to even out the skin’s surface. For the 4th step apply a toner to balance the pH level of your skin and to prepare it for absorbing the next product. You can apply the toner with a cotton pad or with your finger tips. Afterwards, you will apply an essence to the skin, a product that may be new to your skin regime. Pat or spritz the essence on.
For the 6th step you’ll be applying a mask, either by silicon mask or by creating your own. This is a step to be creative with. Step 7 involves using a highly concentrated serum. Serums target specific skin issues so choose your serum accordingly. Follow up with an eye cream that works for your skin type.
For step 9 apply a moisturizer that fits your skin according to day or night and season.


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