End Citizens United And The Prognosis For 2017

End Citizens United came together two years ago in 2015. It is a political action committee that was formed in order to revoke the decision Citizens United that was enforced by the Supreme Court.

The political action group of End Citizens United is one of the most successful such groups today. Only a few months after it came together, End Citizens United managed to raise more than two million dollars from small donors. By the end of the cycle, End Citizens United managed to raise nearly $25 million, according to Richard Carbo who is the communications director of political action committee.

In 2017, End Citizens United has started strong as it was expected. The PAC raise well beyond the four million mark over the first three moments of this year. The impressive feat creates an expectation that the political action group will surpass 35 million before the mid-term elections for the year of 2018, next year. That is a significant surge in comparison to the 25 million that the political action group achieved last year.

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Over the course of the first three months of this year, End Citizens United learned something new that helped them enhance their strategy for the rest of this year. About 40 000 out of the 100, 000 contributors were first-time donors to the End Citizens United. According to the president and executive director of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, that is great news for the political action group as there are more and more people that believe in the vision of End Citizens United. Tiffany Muller also added that a vast number of Democrats are devastated over Trump becoming president. People are ready to take up the battle and fight against the selfish agendas and the proven corruption of the showman. The support of the people fuels the passion of End Citizens United to fight against his nominees such as his candidate for Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

End Citizens United has shown their support for another candidate, Democrat Jon Ossoff, 30. End Citizens United has helped raise about half a million dollars to the congressional campaign of Ossoff. He is a candidate for Congress in Georgia for the first time. In April this year, Jon Ossoff managed to raise over four million dollars for the special election in order to fill a seat in the Republican House in Atlanta. The seat had previously been occupied by Tom Price who was at the post of Health and Human Services Secretary.

End Citizens United has been going strong so far. The political action group has a clear vision and openly states their opinions and endorsements of political candidates. The group also aims to educate people about the political climate.

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