Eric Lefkofsky: A True American Philanthropist

Having the ability to do great things for society is something that everyone should strive to do no matter the race, color or creed. To a certain extent, most people have a philanthropic spirit, but they just don’t have the means to apply the spirit. On the other hand, there are many individuals that have the means and the capabilities to do so. Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is no exception. This extraordinary guy is a man of many acts as he’s known as an entrepreneur, a businessman and a philanthropist. Lefkofsky has also held many prestigious positions such as chief executive officer as well as a founder of numerous companies.

Though being such a brilliant businessman, one of his biggest accomplishments come in the form of charitable work. In 2006, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation was formed by himself, and his wife Liz. This private foundation was designed to help those who are need. It drastically enhances the quality of life for both people and communities. Lefkofsky Family Foundation is setting the bar extremely high thanks to its ability to propel innovative medical research, to ensure quality education and to increase fundamental human rights. This guy’s resume is immense as he has taught business courses throughout the Chicago area, and he is on the board of directors at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital as well as for The Art Institute of Chicago. To know more about him click here.

Another one of Lefkofsky’s co-founded companies is known as Tempus, and it helps doctors deliver personalized cancer care through an analytical learning platform. This technology company is changing the game as its advanced operating system will provide real-time data and tons of informative information. Tempus’ goal is to become the worlds biggest molecular and clinical data library. As of today, this company is definitely on its way to reaching that extraordinary goal.