GoBuyside On Diversity and Inclusiveness in Investment Management Hiring Practices

Recruitment firm GoBuyside has published an article on the website Daily Forex Report, detailing issues that currently impede the ability of investment management firms to successfully recruit specialized talent, and offering effective solutions to help neutralize these problems.

Addressed in the article, amongst other issues, is that of the need for diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, and how these factor are being increasingly taken into account by investment management firms and recruiters. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

While diversity has been understood as a benefit and pursued as a goal for several decades, the article points out that inclusiveness – the provision of all employees, regardless of background, with the same opportunities for advancement – has recently become just as pressing an issue. Quoted in the article is the title of a 2014 Christine Riordan article for the Harvard Business Review which succinctly describes the matter at hand: “Diversity is Useless Without Inclusivity”. While many companies may pass the diversity test, or may well be on their way to doing so, it is less certain that these same companies could pass the inclusiveness test and properly demonstrate that they are guaranteeing all employees the same advancement opportunities. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

The article also goes on to point out that the public stance of many investment management recruitment firms may defer from private practices and discussions when it comes to the issues of diversity and inclusiveness; this necessitates research and due diligence from investment management outfits before contracting a recruitment firm.

The solution provided is for investment management firms to procure the services of recruitment firms that not only show an understanding of the need for diversity and inclusiveness, but also have a track record of eschewing recruitment through already-existing personal and online relationships, instead utilizing multinational networks to drive recruitment.

GoBuyside, founded in 2011, is a prime example of such a firm. Utilizing a network that covers more than 10,000 individuals in more than 500 cities and sixteen countries worldwide, GoBuyside serves more than 400 clients in the financial sector, including hedge funds, private equities and Fortune 500 companies.

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