We Carefully Evaluated Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App Before Honoring Her, Time Magazine

Anyone can agree that there are so many dating sites and apps today than one could find a few years ago. With their emergency, it is evident that many people can arrange for a date, and even meet their perfect matches in life. Of all these, Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble, stands out. The app is exceptional. According to Time Magazine, which recently named Whitney Wolfe the 2018 Person of The Year, Bumble is the only app that seems to take care for women rights.

The decision to name Whitney Wolfe the Person of The Year in 2018 was not an easy one. The online journal looked at several other dating apps and sites, carefully comparing them. In the end, the magazine came up with four reasons why Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble deserved the honor. These reasons are not mere attempts but deliberate efforts Wolfe has made to ensure the app is a safer dating portal.

Safety Measures To Ensure Women Are Defended

Current estimations indicate that Bumble is worth $1 billion. Most of the net that this app has collected is from women, who are the majority of the subscribers. This is evidently one reason why Time Magazine considered Whitney Wolfe’s app for the award. The app empowers women.

Secondly, Bumble does not want to be merged to any other site. When approached by Match Group recently, Whitney Wolfe turned down what would seem to many as a prime opportunity to partner with a dating giant.

Thirdly, Time Magazine looked at how Bumble deals with client information. Initially, you needed a social media account such as Facebook to sign up with Bumble. It is no longer the case. After a recent delicate service by Facebook on client privacy, Bumble distanced itself from the social media site saying it cares for the privacy of its clients.

The fourth reason why Time Magazine considered Bumble for the lofty position that brought her founder Whitney to the limelight is that the app took a strong stance against the use of certain content. You cannot use photos and adverts containing guns. According to Whitney Wolfe, guns communicate anger, grief, jealousy, violence, and murder. Her app will not tolerate this.

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The Philanthropic Strategy of Adam Milstein to Uplift the Jewish Community.

Adam Milstein is one of the most devoted philanthropists who has dedicated all his life towards ensuring that the lives of the Jews are improved. Having operated in both profit and non-profit organizations, Milstein has put all his focus on the improvement of the Israelite in his mother country. Haifa is the place where Adam Milstein was born and raised. He finished his elementary education in the same location and later joined the IDF. He later participated in the war of Yom Kippur before he graduated from the Technion in 1981.


After the graduation, Milstein relocated with his family to the United States where he joined the college for his undergraduate degree. This was a breakthrough for Ada because immediately after he graduated, he was able to establish a real estate business in Los Angeles, where it flourished and grew rapidly. Since when he was young, Adam Milstein had a passion for helping the needy. Therefore, with the help of his wife, he used the money that he got from the real estate business to begin a foundation that they named Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation.


The primary purpose of this foundation when it was formed was to offer philanthropic and charitable services that were geared towards supporting the small organizations that had been established with the intention of empowering the state of Israel, the Israelites and strengthening the relationship between Israel and the United States of America. This initiative has built an enormous reputation for Adam Milstein as a renowned philanthropist and a man who advocates for the well-being of the Jewish community.


The main programs that Adam Milstein and his wife have been supporting include pro-Israel advocacy, the continuity of Jews, and the Jewish education. They have been determined to ensure that they provide education to as many underprivileged Jewish children as possible so that they can become the future pillars of their families. To raise funds to support the above programs, Adam Milstein has been partnering with other individuals who share a common agenda of promoting the lives of the less privileged families in the villages. He also uses his expertise in the development of partnerships and consultancy to raise funds.



Alex Hern shares his secrets to success

Alex Hern is a renowned entrepreneur with more than 25 years’ experience in starting and managing start-ups. He was once the director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPW, which he helped establish. The company was behind the creation of the search technology used by AOL, MSN and Yahoo. He also played a key role in the establishment of Yes Mil Alex Brown led IPO, which he also directed. This was a public web directory company that was sold for $650 million to ModusLink Global Solutions, which is former CMGI. This was barely ten months into the company’s existence.

Alex Hern was also the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Military Commercial Technologies. He was also the co-founder of Arcsight, Cloud Shield, NewHomes.com and Triton Network Systems. He recently had an interview with IdeaMensch and disclosed a lot about himself.

To begin with, on a typical day, Alex Hern will spend about five hours focused on the one thing needed to take his company to the next level. He doesn’t believe in multitasking. To bring his ideas to life, he spends most of his nights, far from the distraction of people, to come up with innovative ideas and how to implement them. Most of his innovations are meant to help drive businesses forward. He has a tremendous love for cloud-based computing for graphics. He believes that one of the most important traits for anyone who wishes to succeed is to be focused.

Talking about entrepreneurship, Alex Hern believes that the key to achieving success is consistency. He says that some of the strategies that have helped his company grow over the years include partnering with trusted solution providers and making sure the key customer requirements are aligned. He admits that business does not come without its fair share of challenges. His biggest challenge has been managing the macroeconomic factors that are beyond his control.

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Stream Energy

The Dallas based energy company Stream Energy, founded in 2005 has grown to provide energy solutions on the global scale. Currently, Stream Energy serves customers in Illinois, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C. On their journey of expansion and growth, they have enhanced the lives of many of the salespeople that make up their salesforce and has begun many philanthropic endeavors.

Stream Energy recently launched their charitable foundation, Stream Cares. Stream Cares provides support for homeless people in the Dallas area. Stream Cares is on a charitable mission to totally wipe out homelessness. The foundation began as a direct result of Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey caused widespread property damage and took the lives of many people.

The philanthropic efforts of Stream Care Foundation have created a situation where they are able to help people in need and create lifelong loyal customers. The Stream Cares Foundation, in an effort to expand their philanthropic reach as teamed up with the Red Cross and the Humanitarian Habitat and initiated an initiative to raise funding for others seeking to perform charitable acts.

Recently, the Stream Care Foundation joined forces with the Hope Supply Company. Together they have implemented efforts to make available various essentials to families in need. Together they have donated clothing, school supplies, diapers and other personal items families in need in the Texas area.

In 2016, the Stream Care Foundation played an important role in the efforts to provide much-needed relief following the devastating tornado that hit the Texas area. The tornado that year ravished many homes and businesses, displacing hundred. The Stream Care Foundation once again joined forces, this time with the Salvation Army to initiate a fundraising campaign and helped to rebuild efforts of many of the victim’s homes and business in the heavily affected areas. Stream Energy continues to not only provide energy need solutions, but through their charitable efforts continues to give back to the community that supports them.


from Humble Beginnings OSI Group becomes Top Meat Processing Multinational

The meat processing has its players. OSI Group is one leading player in the processing. It started from a foundation that is shaky but rich. The history of OSI group is so humble that you cannot imagine how it is towering today. It such an inspiring and marvellous story of success. The company transitioned from the turmoil of the world wars up to the 21st century as it exists.
OSI has immigrant roots – the founders were German immigrants. One German immigrant – Otto Kolschowsky – from the community in Chicago, Illinois opened a butcher shop. He began this meat market to serve his community. He never knew this shop would sprout to be a top meat processor. With the successes of the shop, it expanded to transition into wholesale toward the end of the first world war.

In 1928 the shop rebranded to Otto & Sons following a common storyline of family businesses. The business continued to enjoy even in the second world war. And it played a major role in the American community. The is one particular business model and opportunity that gave it support to grow further. Ray Roc through the McDonald business gave a leaf on the franchising model and chance to be the supplier of beef to McDonald’s – an agreement between Otto & Sons and Ray Roc. With the growth of McDonald’s, there was a significant benefit of supplying beef.

The ties between the two businesses made Otto & Sons deliver consumer-driven products that are affordable and consistent. The pressure from McDonald’s pushed Otto & Sons to advance technologically and be efficient. So, the Otto & Sons transitioned to be one of the core suppliers of McDonald’s. In the seventies, Otto & Sons transitioned to OSI Group after major milestones like establishing a plant in West Chicago.

Marked with increased growth of the OSI Group, the company opened the first facility in Utah to meet McDonald’s demand. As McDonald’s moved to international space, OSI followed suit to address this need. In this symbiotic relationship, OSI had to increase production. With the associated move to global growth, OSI Group had to change tactic and expand and diversify to other products like sausages and pizza. The group also recruited an investment consultant to lead the firm in the retirement of Otto sons – changing leadership for the growth and continuance.
OSI Group now boasts of acquisitions like Amick Farms and Baho Food.

It has become a major food provider with over 20,000 employee base and 65 facilities shared across 17 countries.


Why OSI Industries Is Focused On China

OSI Industries is a food processing business located in Aurora, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. It is a privately held company that is owned by Sheldon Lavin, its chairman and CEO. David McDonald also plays a pivotal role at OSI Industries as the COO and president. Becuase of their efforts it is now an international firm that sells processed food all over the world.

OSI Industries customers for its custom value-added food products are restaurant chains as well as retail food brands. According to Forbes, OSI Industries is the 58th largest private company in the nation and has annual revenues of just over $6 billion. Among the products they supply are meat patties, pizza, fish, bacon, poultry, hot dogs, and vegetables. They also offer many condiments, sauces, and marinades through a number of companies they have acquired over the years, such as the Netherlands’ Baho Food.

In order to run an operation as vast as OSI Industries it takes a lot of people and skill. David McDonald says that his company has local management teams around the world because they understand very well local culture and tastes. His company combines these local teams with the incredible efficiency of a global operation. He has called this a globally-efficient, local-solution strategy that has paid off very well over the years. They have taken this approach everywhere but in particular in China when they entered that market 20 years ago.

In China, OSI Industries has ten factories that it operates. They are now the largest poultry producer in that country. The restaurants they bring food to in China include many familiar ones such as Yum, McDonald’s Papa John’s, Subway, Starbucks, and Burger King. David McDonalds says that OSI Industries is really focused on China because it has a huge population and one that is growing more wealthy over time.

Food being safe and being environmentally responsible are two key areas that OSI Industries concentrates on. One example of this commitment is that they won the Globe of Honour Award in 2016 in the United Kingdom. This award is given only to those companies that are audited for a year to show that they are committed to the highest standards of environmental management.


Logan Stout and his Current Accomplishments

Logan Stout has many titles which can be used to describe him. He is a philanthropist, established entrepreneur who has a strong interest and passion in baseball, a leadership trainer and a keynote speaker. Logan has made a lot of billions of dollars throughout Logan Stout’s diverse career. When it comes to leadership, he has a consistent record and is known as one of the most skilled and experienced leaders. Due to this excellence, Logan Stout has managed to acquire a lot of benefits from all his business ventures. Recently, Logan Stout ventured into the sector of health and wellness when Logan Stout started ID Life LLC, a wellness company that offers dietary supplements and which was founded in 2014.

IDLife LLC has many energy supplements, weight and sleep management items. After undergoing an assessment test by the company, customers are then given the ideal products which offer customized benefits depending on the needs and condition of the customer. Since it was founded more than three years ago, IDLife has exhibited a lot of growth and success. This can be attributed to the outstanding leadership skills and experience of Logan Stout who serves as the CEO of the company. The main aim of IDLife LLC is to ensure that all people regardless of their age and race live healthy lives which are free from diseases.

Some of the partners that Logan Stout works with at the IDLife LLC include Troy Aikman, Darwin Deason and Jen Widerstrom. The company has been recognized as one of the top 100 MLM Companies in the World. Due to his strong passion for baseball, Logan Stout established Dallas Patriots which is one of the biggest baseball organizations. He founded the organization so as to give inspiration to the youth in order to continue developing their skills and also elevate them to the next level. The organization offers training to people who are in need of more encouragement to make in it, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Logan Stout is also an established author and has managed to write several books. They include The Stout Advice: The Secret to Building Yourself, People and Teams. Here, he gives certain strategies which have helped him to attain the success that he currently enjoys. He offers encouragement to people in order to chase their dreams and also provides them with a guide to succeeding in life.

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Lori Senecal: The steering wheel of CP &B

The creative works agency, CP&B is set to face significant blows as some of its top executives and department heads are planning to retire. For instance, Lori Senecal who has helped the company reach substantial milestones through her Global Chief Executive seat is planning to retire by the end of this year, she mentioned during the 3% Conference. Lori who helped CP&B get American Airlines as its client through her top-notch managerial skills also helped take the company to the global map revealed that she and the chairman had already planned the move just when she joined CP&B. Fortunately, Lori Senecal does not intend to leave the firm hanging instead she is working together with the co-founder and chairman Chuck Porter to select a group of new leaders who will take over different roles. That will ensure a smooth sailing transition for the agency and also ensure that it continues to soar even higher. Some of the people selected include Danielle Aldrich who is now the president of CP+B West.

In addition to Lori Senecal, some of the prominent figures set to depart from the agency include Richard Pinder who has been working with the firm for close to three years now. Prior to CP &B, Pinder has worked with other major companies such as Publicis and The House Worldwide. Dave Buonaguidi who is the chief creative officer and also Ariun Singh are also set to leave the agency. Reaad more on gcreport.com.

About Lori Senecal

To many Lori Senecal is the best example of woman power and thanks to her numerous successes she indeed is. She came from a humble background and is the fourth born of a school teacher and a shop owner. Senecal is a shy person, but she claims that her quest to success helped her in breaking out of this cocoon. She is quite a lucrative and holds a business major from Montreal’s McGill University. Lori Senecal began working with the media fresh from the university after moving to Toronto where she worked with an agency known as Vickers & Benson. Since then she has worked with some prominent companies, such s Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners and many others. in 2015, she joined CP&B, and her prowess was quite evident as she managed to increase the company’s revenue by 21%. She indeed gives credence to the quote strength of a woman.

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The Magic Encounter With Logan Stout

Why magic? That is what most of you will ask. This is because Logan Stout is a rear being you will ever meet if you have to. With his educational background from the University of Dallas which is located in Irving, TX, Logan Stout is more than Founder and CEO of IDLife.

To start, Logan Stout is a passionate philanthropist. He combines this with his in-depth knowledge of business ownership. Stout likes helping people who have business ideas, but they lack experience. Due to his passion, he gives leadership skills which are needed in running business and information on how to get the required resources for the company. The skills and knowledge offered by Logan Stout will help this new entrepreneur and his business to get off the ground.

As a keynote speaker, Logan Stout is a helper who has helped many people move forward. His talks are always about leadership. He still aims at improving young people in ways of becoming better managers in their young growing businesses. He does all that work as leadership trainer who is one of his magical skills.

Apart from helping individuals, Logan Stout is known as an accomplished business owner who has benefited IDLife, LLC in moving forward. Under his leadership, IDLife, LLC was able to partner with Troy Aikman, celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom. Also, he has helped in running this growing IDLife business which was founded in 2014 from its state to be one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies. If you do not know what IDLife, LLC deals with and then read on. This is a firm that is known for selling organic nutritional supplements that are good for managing body weight.

As mentioned early Stout, has many life skills which he uses to help people. With his keynote speaking and writing skills, he shares his work by partnering with other international and local speakers and authors. One of his partners is John C. Maxwell. Then two big minds will soon change the world by sharing their leadership ideas. The result will be excellent leadership skills in each and every nation.

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Duda Melzer’s role in the family business, RBS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer nicknamed Duda is the chairman of Group RBS a digital investment company in Brazil dedicated to using executive education, digital, and communication to develop stable operations for the digital industry. Nelson Sirostsky who has been the executive president for the company for 21 years handed the position to his nephew, Eduardo during an inauguration ceremony held in Porto Alegre on 3rd July 2012. Nelson confidently gave the job saying is nephew had extensive expertise in handling contemporary developments to ensure the effective administration of the company. Having stepped down, Nelson will remain on the board of directors and the editorial council to aid in management when the need arises. Eduardo who started working with the company since 2004 has worked his way to the top. From the general director of the National Market to later the Vice president of market and business development, he became the executive vice president of the company in 2010 before being anointed as the executive chairman.

According to Valor, the group that has 6416 employees massively controls television stations both locally and some aligned with Globo networks. The company also owns an educational institution that offers executive and management courses. Since the entity’s objective is to ensure TV, radio and newspaper remain relevant and smoothly operate; it has entered in partnership with other companies like Rede Globo and Samsung. In association with Samsung, RBS has launched an online model of its Zero Hour newspaper using the ZH Tablet Handset, a 9.6-inch tablet. This launch is a marketing strategy that will enable the subscribers to stay on the company’s radar plus informing the company on the users taste allowing them to adjust their product accordingly. The tablet comes with a Wi-Fi connection at an affordable price of R$ 10990 and has already had 4000 pre-orders before the sale. You can subscribe on Youtube.

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