No Poo Shampoos….Say what?

If you are new to the world of ‘No Poo Shampoos’ then you may be thinking that there’s something rather unsavory in your daily shampoo. No, it is not poo. Well, not in the literal sense anyway. The regular shampoo contains chemicals that are known to strip the oil and deplete the naturally occurring oils in your hair, that’s where the poo part comes from. To combat this stripping of oils a new way of cleaning our hair has been developed.

Introducing conditioning cleanser. Unlike shampoo, conditioning cleanser is a great way to cleanse, balance, and refresh hair. Most of these conditioning cleansers can be used daily, and clean, hydrate and condition the hair all in one step. This negates the need to shampoo and then condition our hair, and in some cases, add in a detangler to make our hair easier to manage.

When considering a conditioning cleanser, Wen by Chaz is the first that usually comes to mind, and is the most well known. Wen was the leading company in the concept of conditioning cleansers and is specifically designed to be used by all hair types. Wen is five products in one. No longer does a person have to shampoo, condition, then use detangler. Wen is all of these hair products in one. Wen is the more natural choice when compared to shampoo. No chemicals needed, Wen uses natural herbs and extracts and come in a variety of different fragrances.