David Glertz Talks Social Security

David Giertz understands the financial industry. For years he has been helping his clients make wise decisions about their retirement. David Giertz’ experience makes him more than qualified as he has held a number of important positions over the years. Recently he sat down with Veronica Dagher of WSJ to explain his views on Social Security and how financial advisors are currently discussing it with their clients.

For years there has been concern about the future of Social Security. In his interview with WSJ, David Giertz explains how Social Security is a program that has many complex components. It is his belief that this is the reason many financial advisors are avoiding the topic all together with their clients. With thousands of rules surrounding the program, advisors may just not want to even begin the discussion on whitepages.com. Giertz believes this is a mistake however, and his company Nationwide has talked to many people who have chosen to switch advisors simply because they have neglected to talk about the Social Security. Simply put Giertz believes Social Security is a topic.

Giertz has built a strong resume making him more than qualified for his current opinions on wsj.com. He earned multiple degrees and held a number of high ranking positions including as Vice President of sales for his company. His work at Nationwide is respected by many in his field. He has accumulated multiple decades of experience in his field.

Outside of the financial world on Finra, Giertz is an active person. He is active in the community working on the board of multiple universities. He is committed to sharing his knowledge and giving back to others. He is an active runner and enjoys working out as well. He continues to use his knowledge to help others with their financial needs at https://www.nationwide.com/about-us/040114-nf-new-mobile-app.jsp.

Igor Cornelsen and Diligence When it Comes to Income

It is better to work smart than it is to work hard. A lot of people work hard to make money. The only problem, they find that the money stops when they stop working. There is an alternative, this is passive income. Igor Cornelsen sees the advantage in this. However, even building a significant amount of passive income requires a lot of hard work in the beginning. One has to continue to build up the income so that he can live off of the residuals that he has built. There are many advantages that passive income over the other type of income that requires work.

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Igor Cornelsen | The Superior Investment Advisor

The main advantage that passive income has over active income is that one just has to invest minimal resources. Once the necessary resources are put in place, the person can just sit back and retire. In many cases, there is no need for any additional resources. If there is one thing many people like, it is the ability to rest for a while and not have to worry about any finances. Passive income does have a lot of its merits.

All things considered, Igor Cornelsen still believes that starting a business is the best option for generating income. One of the main advantages of starting a business is that it can be of any size. The business can also be run from home. Thanks to the Internet, business can easily be run online. This allows people to be able to access their business from anywhere with any device that can reach the Internet.

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