Things you Enjoy when you Join Magnises

Despite having a stable career or even an apartment in Midtown Manhattan, the hardest thing for any professional working and living in New York is to cultivate a social life on This is from the fact that people living in these big cities get to know they have free time few minutes before they get the free time. They cannot be able to plan for their free time before they get it. In big cities like New York and Washington DC, which are very intimidating, people often stick to their cliques. By a clique, am referring to a situation where you go out by yourself, or you ask your friends to go out with you. This simply means you don’t meet new friends and your social network cannot grow.

Magnises helps solves these problems for people living on the East Coast, whether in Washington DC or New York City. Magnises brings to many professional working in these cities the benefits of an online social life. So what exactly do you enjoy with Magnises? You simply get to enjoy immediacy, as well as interactivity and convenience by being a member of Magnises. The online social network is brought into the physical world. This is a strategy that is being used by various platforms such as Soho House, WeLive branch, and even the Cliq. Magnises was founded in the year 2013 and has quickly expanded to add various benefits to its members. These benefits include VIP club access as well as the app-based virtual assistant. Other benefits by Magnises include hotel discounts as well as secret restaurant menus to dining rooms that are hidden. Not forgetting exclusive access to private member spaces. The Magnises founder is McFarland, a Bucknell University dropout. He said the main aim of the service is to integrate young people into city life.

The founder explains that many advantages come along with the $250 yearly subscription. For instance, you can go to a hockey game and get the front row seats and even have an open bar. Being a member of a Magnises gives the members an excuse to get dressed up and go out and do something new and full of fun. The company is currently offering its services in New York City and Washington Dc where it has a subscription of 12,000 people. However, the Magnises is planning on expanding to other cities with the U.S such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston. The Magnises has used around $4 million in investment and expects to make a revenue of around $ million this year alone. The revenue maker on Crunchbase is from its ability to provide an interface that connects Millennials and big brands. The app-based virtual assistant allows members to search for their interests. They can search up for the best party in town, or search for the restaurant that befits their pocket. The company has also attracted big names from notable songwriters to basketball players and even actresses. If you are new and seeking to experiment city life while making huge cost cutting on your activities, consider joining this club.