The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Celebrates His Creative Partnership With Andrew Taggart

The Chainsmokers Alex Pall had been building a solid career as a DJ in New York with an original DJ partner from his base in New York when he made the decision to push the boundaries of his work a little further. Pall wanted to take what was his part-time hobby and extend it further to become a full-time job allowing him to quit his job and concentrate solely on music; searching for a new collaborator led to the breakup of the original DJ duo including Alex Pall with the void filled by Electronic Dance Music expert, Andrew Taggart.

Building a collaboration in a creative field is meant to be a difficult thing to do but for Pall and Taggart the connection to begin their creative collaboration was almost instant. For the majority of fans, the move to a more music-based act over simply playing the music of others in a DJ set has been impressive and the fact the traditional role of the DJ has been challenged by The Chainsmokers has also come as something of a surprise to fans from around the world. Over the course of the last few years, the duo has been looking to move into the limelight more with their number of guest performers lowered as they perform their own songs as vocalists alongside some of the world’s biggest stars.

Alex Pall believes the image and marketing aspects of The Chainsmokers need to be as perfect as possible at all times if the band are to continue to build on their recent run of hits and growing fan base. The Chainsmokers are refusing to remain hidden behind the DJ booth and are instead looking to build an image under the leadership of Alex Pall which will be known to fans everywhere; both Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall bring specific skills to the band which now helps them to develop their careers in the music industry with great skill and with an eye on the future of the band.

The Producing Life of Clay Hutson

The technology company, DiGiCo, is in the business of creating digital mixing consoles. In 2011, it released its debut album originated and refined on its equipment. Clay Hutson operated the DiGiCo system throughout the following tour. Hutson definitely knows what he’s doing, having operated DiGiCo systems for a long time now. In fact, he has operated almost every single system DiGiCo has put out since its inception. He has traveled the world for being the sound engineer for some of the top music acts in the world, including Alice in Chains, Backstreet Boys, Marilyn Manson, and New Kids on the Block. Learn more:


And while most of it has been music based gigs, he has had a number of non-music based ones. For instance, he once served as production manager for Billy Graham. This was actually his very first production job on coming out of college. He worked this job for four years before moving on. Hutson has been a dedicated DiGiCo user ever since they had his back when he made the risky decision to use their consoles during a Marilyn Manson tour. During the recent tour, Hutson used DiGiCo ultra-compact console.

It is so compact that it was easily and conveniently stashed beneath the tour bus. Hutson also currently serves as the stage manager of Kid Rock and Halsey. His career is not nearly finished, but he has already seen and done more in the area of production than nearly anyone in history. He began his career by attending and graduating from Central Michigan with a B.A. in Theater Design and Production. He continued his education by earning an MBA from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. After his first Billy Graham years, he toured with Marilyn Manson as his sound engineer.


Thus began his long career as a road production manager. And he has carved out his name as one of the best. In fact, he is considered a living legend in the music industry. His fame is such that it is difficult for even top acts to get his services because he is so in demand.

Norka Luque Inspires her Fans through her Beautiful Voice and Inspirational Songs

Norka Martinez Luque is one of the lucky Latin musicians to burst onto the American music scene. Her singles “Milagro” and “TomorrowLand have received massive airplay both in the United States and Venezuela (her home country). Hard work and commitment have enabled the young US-based musician to establish herself as a globally recognized brand.

Recipe for Success

The young musician has a gorgeous voice and releases songs that are rich in powerful messages of inspiration and hope. She has fought tough battles and emerged victorious throughout her musical career. Norka is always willing to learn new concepts from her able producer (Emilio Estefan) and other successful musicians. She continues with her voice practice, and piano classes, which she started since was a child.

Norka’s music encourages diversity and incorporates aspects of different genres available across the globe. For instance, the song Milagro is a fantastic mixture of reggae, Mediterranean rhythms, and Caribbean sounds. Under the supervision of Emilio Estefan, a team of renowned producers and composers such as Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitan, and Luigi Giraldo were instrumental in the production of the song Milagro. Additionally, it sends a beautiful message full of inspiration. People, who are going through a tough crisis can easily identify with the song. Although new genres and rhythms are introduced at a fast rate, Norka has managed to retain the originality of her message.

Transition from a banker to a musician

Norka worked in the banking sector in Monaco for a few years before she relinquished her job and moved to the United States to build her career in music. She tasted the real music world through a successful album produced by Jose Velazquez. Since then, Norka Luque has been producing international hits and working with top producers. Entrepreneurial producer, Emilio Estefan JR, oversaw the production of a successful album that had three songs, which ruled the top Latin countdown charts.

Early life and education

Norka was born back in 1986 in Caracas. At a young age, Norka started developing a passion and unending love for music. Luckily enough, her parents offered her unwavering support. They allowed her to enroll in musical training classes provided she excelled in her academics. During her high school course, Norka participated in various musical competitions and pocketed many awards. After graduating from high school, she moved to France for higher education. At France, Norka had a privilege of learning French and performing alongside “Bad Moon Rising” band. She earned a degree in fashion, marketing and culinary arts.