Brian Torchin Helps Medical Professionals with His Staffing Agency

As a chiropractor himself, Brian Torchin knows the difficulties of job hunting and job prospects in the medical world. That’s why he funded Health Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing Agency, which is committed to helping medical professionals find work. There are many things Brian Torchin does to help his clients find not only jobs, but jobs they love.

He provides job counseling to help his clients find their preferred medical fields, as well as job placement. Brian Torchin takes the job placement very seriously and is committed to helping clients find jobs in their fields very quickly. He is also very particular about who works for him. All potential employees of HCRC are vetted and verified by current HCRC employees. This is so every HCRC client works with experienced and verified employees.

Brian Torchin is committed to easing the difficulties in finding work in the professional medical field, which is why he created a safe place to job hunt that helps employees and employers alike. He knows about the grind of job hunting in the medical world. And he is determined to make the job hunting for medical students end with him.

According to TheValanx, Brian Torchin is a graduate of University of Delaware and New York Chiropractor’s College. Aside from being a licensed Chiropractor, he also has a degree in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. But right now he spends all of his time and energy into giving his clients the best possible treatment as he helps them find decent jobs in fields they are qualified for and love.