NGP VAN Helps Progressive Campaigns Win By Targeting LGBTQ Voters

Virtually every business, individual, university, and motor vehicle – not to mention just about anything and everything else you could imagine – relies on relatively new technology to help them operate at peak performance. This holds true for politicians on local, state, and federal levels alike; with very few exceptions, all success-minded candidates running for office use computer programs, mobile phone applications, and customized tech-heavy devices used to increase the chances of winning modern campaigns.

One of the nation’s most popular programs is NGP VAN, a company most often identified with the complex, all-inclusive computer software they send out to political candidates that help them and their respective teams of volunteers and financiers do things like learning about the industry’s most important practices so they can prepare their followers to carry such procedures out.

In short, NGP VAN is a database of voters, as well as a provider of website hosting services that are relied on by Democrats, progressives, and liberals around the United States.

NGP VAN does great things – including sticking up for marginalized LGBTQ people

Discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, and queer people has typically been present throughout human history, though it has quickly disappeared over no longer than the past 100 years. NGP VAN helps destigmatize people who identify with any of these sexualities or gender profiles.

One thing that NGP VAN is regularly used for – many people, including the official statisticians of NGP VAN, believe that its programs are used by tons of volunteers and staffers to narrow down the demographics of its preferred voters. Many progressive campaigns are making sure that they target votes of people who are attracted to or have sex with people of their own sex, are transsexual, or queer, as conservative candidates across the United States have effectively hung them all out to dry without even publicly taking such views in the first place!

Reaching out to the aforementioned demographics greatly increases the probability of winning, as they are almost all likely to vote in favor of Democratic, progressive, or liberal candidates.