Manhattan Offices For Rent Less Popular Than Coworking Space


Coworking offices are an incredible movement that’s been sweeping the country and many others. With the internet as large as it’s ever been we have an astronomically high number remote employees, entrepreneurs, self-employed business workers, freelancers, and the list just goes on. Coworking office spaces are incredible new movement that brings these type of professional individuals together in an environment that fosters independent work and water-cooler type socialization, as well as professional collaboration when desired or necessary.

In a recent study by Harvard Business review, “We were surprised to discover that people who belong to them report levels of thriving that approach an average of 6 on a 7-point scale.” This is supported by many aspects of the coworking space. Professionals are free to be as autonomous or as social as they choose to be; they may choose to work in their office the entire day with the door shut or take their laptop to the lounge area or outdoor terrace.

This very unique option provides flexibility and freedom but helps independent professions strict to a more structured type of work. According the Harvard Business Review many independent ventures greatest downfall is that it lacks professional structure, with this structure a professional increases their chances of success. Communing with other professionals also helps increase feeling of meaningfullness in your career.

A coworking space, such as <a href=””>WorkVille NYC</a>, provides its professionals with amenities such as phone and internet. They have cafes and common areas for engaging with other professional as well as private office suites. Many coworking spaces feature open floor plans and Workville is no exception with 3 outdoor terraces and bounds of sunlight. Studies have shown that even in typical workplaces access to natural light and open floor plans foster happier employees.

In WorkVille as with many other coworking spaces has talented start-ups and high-quality small businesses. This not only increases work satisfaction but over-all motivation and a culture of knowledge-share and success. WorkVille is located in Times Square, Bryant Park and for professional productivity offers internet access, private phone services, and mailing services. Additionally 24 hour access allows professionals to work whenever they feel most productive and maintain work-from-home flexibility with office professionality.

Located up high on the 21st floor of a beautiful luxury office building, Workville is fostering the independent success of professionals in New York City and has space available.