Texans Can See Hippos Again! Say Thank You to James Dondero for That

James Dondero is doing the important work of bringing back hippos to the Dallas Zoo. Because of this, not to mention because of his great work as the CEO of Highland Capital Management, he is very popular among people in Texas. He is a very big philanthropist who has been donating to all sorts of cultural landmarks and attractions in Texas. One of these is the Dallas Zoo.

You see, the Dallas Zoo had no hippos for around a decade and a half. Since their old hippo died in 2001, there were no hippos in the zoo. What James Dondero did is donate money for reestablishing the hippo exhibit. James talked about his work in helping hippo lovers see hippos again on his Facebook page last year, and in April of this year, he did just that and the zoo finally has its hippos back.

So how much did James Dondero donate? He made a massive and eye popping donation of one million dollars! Highland donated that money, and with it the Highland Capital Lodge was built, so that zoo visitors can stand on it — it is five thousand square feet wide — to view the hippos.

The president of the Dallas Zoo said that he was most satisfied with the new outpost that was built with the help of the donation from James Dondero and Highland Capital Management. He said that the new hippo, which weighs three thousand pounds, is sure to be a very popular attraction after so many years of having no hippos in the zoo.