End Citizen’s United: Fighting For Change

Seven years ago, the Supreme Court made a ruling that would see a change in the American elections. The Supreme Court decided to overturn the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 Section 203.

Section 203 of the Act prohibited the corporations and the Non-profit organizations from contributing or spending money that was not subject to Federal limits. By overturning the rule, the Supreme Court opened the door for billionaires like the Koch brothers to contribute an unlimited amount of money towards the election. This according to End Citizen’s United is a violation of the democratic rights of the American People. They believe that the billionaires will have the chance to interfere with the elections and even buy off the votes.

The reason why the Supreme Court changed the clause is that it was interfering with the constitution. Freedom of the Speech Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditures by the Non-profit organizations. The Bipartisan Act was violating the constitution.

Dealing with the problem

The End Citizen’s United was formed to fight for reforms. The agenda of the PAC is to present a petition to the Congress and have them to amend the law and reverse the ruling.

End Citizen’s United plan is to collect signatures from the American people and raise $25 million towards the agenda. They devised a strategy that would see them succeed in their endeavor. First and foremost, they were to support the Democrats in the 2016 elections. They endorsed different Democrat candidates.

The reason why they chose to support Democrats is that they share in the same agenda. They also support other people who aligned to their agenda. Secondly, they were to seek the support of the grassroots activists. The activists would help in collecting the signatures from the American people. The third agenda was to raise the issue of money in politics to be a problem.


The petition has been accepted well by many of the population. The PAC was established in March 2015, and a month later they had already collected $2 million and over 300,000 signatures. The PAC has many supporters, but they require more support if the plan goes as expected.

Their agenda was received well, but it also attracted a lot of criticism. According to the public experts, the dream to have the Congress amend the constitution is a pipe dream. This is because there has not been an amendment since 1992.

End Citizen’s United has been commended for their work in educating the public about the Supreme Court ruling. They have also kept the politicians and the Supreme Court on their toes with the petition.