Securus Technologies Offers Technology Solutions in the Civil and Justice Systems

Many facilities are praising technology solutions from Securus Technologies because of the positive impact the firm is having on their work and day-to-day lives. The firm’s technology has been used to prevent crimes such as inmate-on-inmate crimes, and also solve other problems. On average, Securus Technologies develops a product a week for solving and preventing crime. The firm has, therefore, won over the hearts of many. In one facility, the company’s technology helped in the arrest of a corrupt staff member who was introducing contraband into the facilities. Additionally, the company has on multiple occasions offered technology and solutions cases of harassment and potential threat. In another incident, the firm helped in the recovery of millions of illegal drugs, assets and cash money. Securus Technologies has, therefore, revolutionized civil and criminal justice systems in the country.


About Securus Technologies


Technology solutions from Securus Technologies Company have assisted in improving public safety, corrections agencies, and law enforcement. The firm is a leading provider of such technologies because not only does it own hundreds of patents, but it also has a dedicated workforce composed of technologists, designers, engineers, and innovative thinkers dedicated to providing these high-tech software solutions. These solutions have come in handy for those wishing to connect the incarcerated with their loved ones, connecting correctional facility staff to vital information, and helping connect the dots in investigative leads, among others.


Products Offered


Securus Technologies deals in different products. The firm provides a system that can be used to control contraband cell phones in prison facilities. It also provides Managed Access Solutions, and Cell Defender technology, among others. In 2017, the firm has introduced Wireless Containment Solution used to prevent contraband cell phones from connecting to mobile networks.


Securus Technologies Supplies the Communications Need

Securus Technologies provides communications capability between incarcerated individuals in over 2,200 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Securus offers their services to over 1.2 million incarcerated individuals and their families.


There are several different types of plans that are available for the convenience of the inmates and their families. There is a prepaid option where the fees are paid in advance, there is a direct billing option where a billing is sent to the family on a monthly basis, there is the traditional collect call, where the recipient of the call pays the bill, and there is an inmate debit account where the inmate pays for the call.


There is an inmate voicemail feature that allows families to call the inmate, but if he or she is not available, a voicemail can be left and the inmate can return the call when it is convenient. There are times when an inmate may be working, eating or sleeping and may not be available for a call, and this is a nice convenience.


In addition, a video conferencing is available so families don’t have to take the time and expense of driving to the correctional facility to see their loved one who is incarcerated. Instead, they can set a pre scheduled time to visit via the video. It is just like being there, only they don’t have to wait in line or put up with the hassle of dealing with the time and distance.


Securus Technologies is a leader in the field of inmate communications and the very latest in technology and security is engineered into the system. The difference in inmate attitude and behavior is remarkable since Securus has been able to implement their systems. A voice from home is a welcome event at any time a person is incarcerated.

Securus is Useful During the Holidays

Visiting your loved one in prison can be difficult during the holiday season when you otherwise have a lot of things going on and it might not be convenient for you to get to the prison itself. More and more individuals are beginning to realize that they need to use a good quality communication system that is unlike anything they have ever utilized in the past. One of the most important things for you to consider for yourself if you begin to use this system for your own well-being.


Your loved one will find it to be incredibly beneficial to use a system like secure is because of how well it works for so many individuals in the prison system. You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to use the system on a more regular basis to have better communication with your loved one. You are also going to notice that a lot of people are currently using this amazing system with great success and are finding it to be one of the best things in their own lives each and every day. It is especially vital to consider using this type of system during the Christmas season so that you can have better communication with your loved ones no matter how often you want to contact them.


There are so many different people out there who are finding it very important to use Securus during the holiday season and this is myself included. When one of my relatives went to prison for a minor offense, I realized how difficult it was to keep in contact with them as often as I would like and this was a major problem for me in the long run. This is why I started to realize that there was something known as secure as that I could use on a regular basis and it was definitely an option that I had found to be beneficial in many different ways.


Make sure that if you are interested in using Securus that you check it out for yourself and see if it can work for you as it has for a lot of other prison families out there. It is a wonderful system to utilize no matter how often you would like to keep in touch with your loved ones and can be exactly what you have been looking for when it comes to better quality communication.


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Securus Technologies Offers Free Services to Families

When researching on interesting and expanding industries, one industry that I would have never thought about until conducting research is the industry of communication within prisons across North America that provides services between inmates and loved ones who continue to want to have contact with the convicted. One company that has stood out from other companies is that of Securus Technologies, a company that is truly dedicated to the consumer and wants to provide the best services to both ends of the consumers for the best price available. Though the inmate communications industry has been in the news lately after being accused of the act of monopolizing, Securus Technologies has dedicated the services to show the public this is not the case. In recent news, Securus Technologies has even proven to be a compassionate company as the company is now allowing free phone calls to inmates with loved ones in Louisiana after the devastating flood.

As a leading provider in criminal justice as well as monitoring technologies, Securus Technologies wants to use this innovation for good and is now offering free phone calls for individuals with loved ones that have been harmed during the flood. This free calling program will be offered to inmates with Securus Technology innovation throughout September 7th. Connecting inmates with loved ones is the number one reason that this company was started in the first place. Though inmates have committed crimes, it is still a right for the loved ones to remain in contact. In total, throughout September 7th, Securus Technologies connected over 250,000 phone calls for free between the inmates and their loved ones. With services provided to over 1.2 million inmates across North America, Securus Technologies will continue to provide excellent and innovative services with the best technology possible that will connect millions of families.