EOS is Slowly Becoming the Lip Balm Leader

The EOS brand is becoming one of the most interesting companies for lip balm, and this company is just getting started. EOS lip balm has a bountiful number of flavors, and this is the inside secret to the success that has made this product appeal to children and adults.

Children like flavors. They also like colors. Many of them are also impressed with the sphere shapes of the EOS lip balm products. Parents do not have to fight with resistant children that may have opposed the old-fashioned medicated lip balm. Children that get access to the EOS flavors like passion fruit or strawberry sorbet are going to be highly pleased with the flavors that are available. It is very easy for children to embrace these flavors. That is also the reason that many people are getting these products in bulk. They know that they can acquire these products and share the different types of lip balms between everyone in the family.

EOS is a product that appeals to many adults. This is the type of product that makes lips smooth, and that is the other target group that EOS is going after. Women like the sweet flavors of this lip balm, but they may be more concerned about a product that is going to make their lips smooth. This is the selling point for many people that are interested is a lip balm product. The EOS lip balms, which come in circular pastel tubes, have gained popularity quickly, and are sold at discount department and drug stores like Well, Walgreens and Target. See, https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA.

Many women are also going to embrace the  evolutionofsmooth.ca product because it has a lot of female celebrities that are interested in this product. When the stars like Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson are seen with this product it causes a sensational Facebook social media buzz that other women are going to witness. EOS has managed to become the leader in lip balm sales by targeting females and children.

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