How Does Arthur Becker Make His Mark In New York Real Estate?

Arthur Becker is one of the newer faces in New York real estate, and he is using his millions to invest in properties he believes have potential. This NY Daily News article explains how Arthur is spending his money on new properties in the city, and there is a look at how his investments are changing the face of the city. Arthur is an major investor who is bringing something new to the city that was not there in the past.

#1: The Original Condos

Arthur paid around $20 million to help build a massive development that was comprised of condos. The condos were part of a major complex that he planned to see through to completion. His eye was caught by something across town that was more interesting to him. He has made a trade that will allow him to take ownership of a new development, and its location in Soho is quite popular.

#2: 10 Sullivan Street

The properties at 10 Sullivan Street are three townhomes that were produced as part of an unrelated real estate project, and Arthur wanted to have the three he traded for as a new sort of investment. He is willing to live in one, and he will sell or rent the other two. The project is worth nearly $30 million, and his investment in it will net at least $10 million in profit. Arthur has made the right monetary choice, and he has chosen a lovely location.

#3: The Soho Location

The location in Soho is one of the most-popular in America reveals NY Mag, and Arthur knows there are quite a few people who will enjoy living in the air. He knows it is important to have a property that is popular with the public, and he knows there are many who will enjoy the location because the sound of Soho alone conjures images of the New York of the movies.

Arthur’s investment in New York real estate is a place where he may live and sell to others. He is taking over three townhomes as he has chosen the property that has the higher value and appeal.

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