Keith Mann Reaches Out to Help Uncommon High School Graduates

Many young people in high school will be preparing for their graduation this year. Graduating from high school is a huge event in the lives of high school seniors. It is one of the biggest accomplishments that they have made up to that point in their lives. However, in many ways, it is only the beginning for many graduating high school seniors. The plan for many seniors graduating from high school is to attend college.

Attending college is a dream that many young people have, and the dream has usually been in their lives for many years. Some of the young people have made plans and thought about the day that they would be able to start college. Although the dream and plans for college are great, the reality for some young people who want to attend college depends on the ability to pay for college. The cost of college is very expensive and some young people do not have the family support to be able to pay for college.

As a result, some graduating high school seniors who want to go to college must find resources to help pay for the cost of attending college. One of the ways that many young people pay for college is by earning scholarships. There are many scholarships available for young people who want to attend college. However, the people who want the scholarships must take the time to locate the scholarships and apply for the scholarships.

Keith Mann is a businessman who cares about the education of young people. He encourages young people to go to college and earn a degree. Recently Keith Mann started a scholarship for seniors graduating from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The value of the scholarship is $5,000.

Uncommon Schools is an organization that has a network of charter schools in the three state New York area. The organization provides education from the K-12 level. Uncommon Schools has an excellent reputation in the communities where it provides charter schools.

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