Avi Weisfogel: Helping Patients Suffering From Sleeping Disorders

For the professionals who are working in the field of science and medicine, the destructive effects of sleep apnea is slowly and increasingly noticeable. The disorder has become more severe, and has been transforming ever since, putting the lives of those who are affected in danger. Fortunately, scientist have discovered new results and findings from their research studies demonstrating how the dreaded sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders could result into serious diseases and conditions and eventually become fatal like diabetes, stroke, and heart failure. With this research shines a light on how sleeping disorders can transform into complications, and it has opened the mind of scientists, researchers and physicians alike that urgency is the key to counter sleep apnea.



One of these physicians who are doing their best to counter the effects of sleep apnea is Dr. Avi Weisfogel, known to be the one who established a program called the Dental Sleep Masters. He has a superb background in researching and treating patients with sleep disorders, and has been practicing for a long time. Initially a dentist working with Old Bridge Dental Care, his curiosity with sleep suddenly kicked in. He then decided to do research and studies about sleep disorders, doing with alongside his 15 year career in dentistry, which has given his awards and recognitions. He is serious about this idea and really passionate as to how he can combat sleeping disorders and also finding a way on how to treat patients who are suffering from the disorder.



His research about sleeping disorders brought him knowledge about companies who are also doing the same thing – studying how to counter these disorders and finding a way to completely treat patients suffering from it. Through months after careful research, he found a way on how it can be possible that dentistry and sleep disorders are related. In the year 2014, he established the Dental Sleep Masters and it has helped scientists from around the world break into the sleeping disorder mystery that has been puzzling them for years. Different citations and experimentations where performed, until they have discovered that the use of oral appliances are somewhat effective in treating sleep disorders. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has used this approach to treat his patients, while at the same time keeping his network of dentists, to identify patients who have to be treated with sleeping disorders.