Greg Secker and Bringing The Best Out of The Trading Business

Greg Secker is a renowned English businessman best known for being the owner of Learn To Trade. In a recent interview, Greg Secker described himself as the kind of person who asks the ‘Why not?’ question rather than ‘Why?’. According to him, this approach has seen him succeed a lot as a businessman. He started his business career while still a student at the University. He started by making and selling computers.

Secker’s work with computers made him grow into a developer and eventually landing a job in the finance sector. He got involved in the making of the Virtual Trading Desk which is the pioneer of online currency trading. Working on this project saw him deeply understand foreign exchange trading. With this knowledge, he was able to make £60,000 from just £5,000 within one year. His success is owed to employing a risk-managed approach to every individual trade.

Soon after making a good amount from the trading business, Secker retired. He shifted his focus to helping others make money by giving the relevant advice on the matter. Under the Greg Secker Foundation, young people have been empowered with the relevant life skills to have a bright future. The foundation has been able to reach the youth primarily through the Youth Leadership Summit. This has been done in South Africa with plans in place to roll out a similar program in Australia.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is the name behind Learn To Trade, Capital Index, and Smart Charts Software. He is committed to sharing knowledge on how to make money around the world. Having become a multimillionaire quite early in his life, he understands the true value of money. He believes money is not everything, but it is a crucial tool in making it in life. Secker has gone ahead to write a book on how to start in currency markets.

Despite studying agriculture in university, Secker developed a keen interest in finance especially foreign exchange trading and has never looked back. He was able to generate a decent income in the sector before opting to empower others on money making strategies. Secker has since established himself as a leading entrepreneur, philanthropist, international speaker and a master trader.