Getting to Know James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is an investment management firm that manages hedge funds and investment funds in need. Jim Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He is also the president of the company. Dondero is on of Dallas, Texas’ own and the city of Dallas is very proud of the success he has brought to the business and to the company. The company has nearly 15 billion dollars of assets under its name. Highland Capital Management has received multiple rewards, including Morningstar’s top ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund in 2014.

Dondero is well established in his field. In addition, he has over thirty years of experience in equity and credit. Dondero is very diverse. Moreover, Dondero also is one of the many directors of other companies like NexBank, MGM Studios, American Banknote, and many more!

Dondero was a part of American Express Finical Company before he started at Highland Capital Management. He did an amazing job at the company. He was soon promoted to being a Portfolio Manager with in the company. While in this position Dondero prospered and he the company assets grew over a billion dollars.

Dondero began his early early on. It was in 1984 when Dondero began his career as an analysis. Within a small time frame Dondero had worked hard to get accepted into the Morgan Guaranty training program. He is very well rounded, he graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Dondero is also certified in multiple professions. His certificated to practice as a Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. During school Dondero overachieved the average student in class. He received his degree in honors while being a part of Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi honor societies.

James Dondero is also a very humble and humane individual. He is a frequent supporter of many charities and fundraisers. He values education and has donated to many organizations that support learning, including Perot Museum of Natural Science Institute, Education is Freedom, Uplift Education, George W. Bush Presidential Library, and many more! Dondero is a successful great man!

James Dondero: An Icon Of Bold Success

The unrivaled achievement that James Dondero has appreciated throughout the years as a business person and venture broker is based on settling on striking choices with regards to speculation. From helping to establish Highland Capital Management in 1993 to interest in elective markets, businesses and economies where noticeable people and organizations have fizzled, James Dondero has fabricated a notoriety of swimming against the venture tide. His intense speculation and best overwhelming portfolio improvement started with the establishing of Highland Capital Management. Together with the fellow benefactor, Mark Okada, they made the striking stride to move the business to Dallas, Texas. What started as a private venture with under 10 workers developed in stature: they purchased out the parent organization they joined forces while expanding the organization’s representative base to 165.

The synergic working of the organization’s experts including James Dondero has helped it vet altogether venture alternatives. The organization distributes noteworthy measures of its assets to new speculation thoughts. This has driven its accomplishment in different venture choices including Argentina where it purchased government bonds for 70 pennies on the dollar in 2015. Inside three years, political dependability saw their esteem ascend to 120 pennies on the dollar in 2015. The organization likewise effectively put 15% of its assets in MLPs when the oil business was performing ineffectively. Inside a year, their qualities ascended to 18.3%. This achievement was duplicated in Texas where it put resources into Vistra Energy when it was soaks somewhere down owing debtors. Vistra’s fortune had a turnaround and is presently intending to enroll its offers on the New York Stock Exchange.

James Dondero is a former student of University of Virginia where he moved on from its McIntire School of Commerce with a degree in bookkeeping and back. He graduated at het best of his class at the college. He is an affirmed administration bookkeeper and a contracted monetary expert.

James Dondero’s three-decade long industry encounter as a speculative stock investments administrator and speculator started at Morgan Guaranty as an expert in 1984. He later joined American Express as a corporate security expert in 1985 preceding being advanced as the organization’s portfolio administrator. He later joined Protective Life as a main venture officer. Other than his obligations at Highland, he additionally fills in as a lead administrator at NextPoint Credit Strategies and Highland Small-Cap Equity.

Desiree Perez Influences Tidal Services

Since Desiree Perez was introduced to work with Tidal, there have been significant developments. Tidal had become to dwindle, but at the moment it has regained its stability. Desiree Perez is a great person who has a lot of influence in what he does. Jay-Z had invested a lot in the company, and he could not watch the company go down because of management issues. Since he made a decision to hire Desiree Perez, the company is now riding to the path of success. It is now clear that the corporation cannot collapse and it is achieving competitive advantage over the other firms.

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Many would wonder why Desiree Perez is suitable for that position and why she is that ready to ensure that Tidal Succeeds in its undertakings. Many qualities make the lady be able to achieve in the management of music streaming company. First, is being passionate about what she does. She is passionate about music and nurturing young talents. Now Tidal offers high royalties to the musicians who are signed to the company. Having a strong convincing power is also crucial in the business. It is because many deals are involved, and one has to be firm concerning making of decisions. That is what made Jay-Z hire her for the position, and it is working.


Tidal has invested a lot in paying their artists significant royalties. There is a need for any company to make profits and Tidal is now on the way to making great profits and signing crucial contracts. Desiree Perez is doing everything to help Jay-Z come out strong with his company. As of now, the firm is on its way to success because of good leadership. Desiree has the leadership quality that needs to take the company to become the best in the world.


A Hair Raising Wengie Hack

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair!” Said the handsome prince. Had lovely Rapunzel not maintained her mile long locks, the prince may have fallen to his demise when her split ends gave way. Amazingly, our wonderful Wengie has life hacks for your hair that every hair lover should know, to keep your hair strong, shiny and healthy.


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Dirty brushes cause dirty hair, even after you’ve just washed it. We are all guilty of stepping out of the shower, grabbing our brush and brushing out the tangles without a second thought. But a brush that hasn’t been cleaned is just rubbing in oils and grease from brushes past, into freshly washed hair, making it not so fresh. Let us not abandon that brush yet, as Wengie has a simple way to clean and sanitize your brushes. See the video linked below for that must have hair hack.


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Shocking isn’t it, the way static cling causes your hair to stand on end? You would not want to overload with hairspray as that would cause your hair look dull and heavy. Wengie has a trick to take those fly away strands and settle them down.


There are a number of simple hacks Wengie has introduced us to, grab a scrunchie, a comb and some essential oils and ready yourself to have an amazing Wengie inspired crown of hair.