White Shark Media trying to make a Google-like Work Environment

Working for White Shark Media is not like working for your typical business. For a lot of companies, people can learn from the past of the company’s history. However, at White Shark Media, employees have about five years of history to draw from as the company started in 2011. White Shark Media provides digital marketing for companies in the United States and South America.

Like many new start up businesses today, trying to match the spirit and enthusiasm of Google, White Shark Media has tried to capture a culture that exhibits a passion for doing business, providing superior customer service while giving employees an exceptional place to work and call home. The company has grown tremendously since founded in 2011 and looks to continue to grow to meet customer demands and needs.

Some of the benefits of working at White Shark Media include having two one-hour lunches, and if you get all your work done by the end of the day, you can go home an hour early. Some of the downsides for working for the company are that the wages may not be as competitive for specific positions in the same market. Add to that, the environment is very fast paced with a lot of added stress and lots of hours which can be typical for any business working in digital media and marketing. And like any new company that lacks a lot of history, the processes of doing business is not always well established yet.

White Shark Media provides employees with an awesome environment and plenty of career advancement for those ambitious for career growth. However, plan on a sedentary work life as you sit for hours and hours each day, but that is to be expected from an office white-collar position. From the CEO Gary Garth down through management, the leadership team provides very strong direction and motivation for their staff.  Click the follwing links to read more: https://disqus.com/home/channel/whitesharkmediacomplaints/discussion/channel-whitesharkmediacomplaints/white_shark_media_complaints/ and https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc

Overall the management and leadership team has the company on the right track improving on making work a great place for all employees with competitive benefits and opportunities for every employee. Work is work, and if it was fun it would be called fun. White Shark Media is trying to change work to be fun.