ClassDojo Rapidly Rises In The US And UK

If you have young children in elementary or middle school, you may be very familiar with this app, but even if you don’t know about it, it could be coming to a school near you. The app is ClassDojo, a simple yet very powerful app that’s becoming popular in schools across the US and the UK, and now 2 in 3 schools have ClassDojo installed into their systems. The app was built to improve communication and positive reinforcement between teachers and students, and create change from the ground up. And no doubt this app has done just that as parents and teachers who’ve used this app are raving about its effectiveness.


But just how does this app work? It’s a free app that can be downloaded right off of Google Play or Apple’s app stores, and teachers and administrators can have it used in their schools immediately, becoming connected to students and their parents with ease. ClassDojo allows teachers to assign tasks to students, keep them on task, and give them feedback when they’re doing the tasks. Students can also snap pictures of their activities and post them on their ClassDojo profile wall, and once the teacher approves, mom and dad can see what their child has done in school and tell them how proud they are when they get home. And for parents, the constant communication the app affords them with the teacher can eliminate parent-teacher meetings, and now parents can play a more active role in helping children do their homework.


But if what you’ve just heard about Class Dojo wasn’t enough, the app has grown in popularity without its founders even spending a penny on marketing. Yes it’s true, the founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary have simply spread the knowledge of their app through word of mouth. The reason they have been so successful doing this is because they have taken the time to talk to many different teachers to find out what they would like to see happen to change their classrooms, and in compiling those ideas together, they’ve been able to make ClassDojo into an app that works for its customers, and not the other way around. The app was started in 2011 with an initial offering of $1.6 million in startup capital, but after a series of funding as it grew in popularity, it has recently raised up to $21 million in just this last year. Right now, all features of the app are free, but there are plans in the works to integrate optional premium features.