Eric Pulier Hasn’t Quit Developing Software And Apps Despite Setbacks

Eric Pulier is a former advisor to Microsoft and IBM and has been an engineer on many business software solutions. He’s had a lot of success but hasn’t been without setbacks. One of those setbacks happened when the promise of one company to turn a cloud platform into a big revenue platform didn’t happen. But Pulier didn’t stop and now he runs vAtomic Systems, a company that’s working on business apps using gaming technology to make real world issues economically viable. Pulier is also on the Board of Innovators at XPrize Foundation, a program for young scientists and programmers to address global scientific issues.

Pulier took an interest in computer programming not long after learning how to read and write, compiling his first program when he was only the 4th grade. He was running a database service in high school, and while he attended Harvard University he took what he described as the hardest computer science courses at MIT. He also was a contributor to the Harvard Crimson prior to earning his bachelor’s degree in literature in 1988.

Pulier decided to bring together a team of people with unique talents and interests in 1991 that became known as People Doing Things, and out of that group he started Digital Evolution. This company used interactive media and web design marketing to cater to big clients that included Warner Brothers, Disney, Toyota and Microsoft. This company was merged with US Interactive in 1998. The company’s accomplishments include hosting the Presidential Technology Exhibit in 1997 and Starbright World in 1998.

Eric Pulier decided to move into virtual applications and cloud technology in the service-oriented architecture in the 2000s, and under US Interactive he started Akana, Desktone and ServiceMesh. He’s one of the authors of Understanding Enterprise SOA, a college textbook commonly used in various IT courses. Pulier’s ServiceMesh was bought by the Computer Sciences Corporation, and while serving on the Board of Executives there he started TM Platform’s Enterprise Leadership Council. After leaving the CSC, Pulier decided to go into technology startup seeding and investing and got the idea for vAtomic Systems.