Fabletics: A Fun, Fresh Approach to Buying Activewear

One of the company’s that has really taken off in the past few years, and has been compared to the skyrocket success of brands like Apple, is Fabletics. Spearheaded by actress and fitness enthusiast Kate Hudson, the company has garnered $250 million dollars in the past 3 years alone.


This massive success comes at a time when companies like Amazon are dominating the digital shopping space with high end activewear being no exception. One of the most fresh and interesting things about Fabletics is the use of the reverse showroom. Many companies are bleeding due to massive overhead put into their stores, where people come merely to browse and select what they want, then turn to digital sources like Amazon to get marginally lower prices. Fabletics’ digital showroom means little to no physical overhead, other than a few key retail locations that are highly popular, while still generating a hugely loyal fan base of digital shoppers.


Similarly, the membership model means that users are “treated” to new pieces each month, always with the option to buy more, rather than having to go through the mental thought process of purchasing new workout gear for themselves.


The brand has a fun approach to how users engage with their products. Instead of openly browsing and making purchase decisions, Fabletics thrives on sending users a monthly outfit that matches their pre-determined taste and style. Users get a monthly fun surprise and then get to try on the pieces and determine if they are a good fit for them or if they would like to exchange them for something else. This model changes the way people engage with the company by adding another layer on other than a simple purchase. Meanwhile it also holds users to commit to a monthly spending level by utilizing the “membership model,” giving people a pre-determined budget each month. However, the company is loyal to its user base and allows them to hold off ordering any month they do not wish to make a purchase by simply notifying the company by a certain date.


But how does Fabletics match users tastes? When people visit the website, they can take a really fun and simple Lifestyle Quiz. This Lifestyle Quiz determines what type of activities users like to do, where they typically exercise, their personal style and tastes. The quiz then gives them a user profile specific to them. This means that down the line shipments are likely to be enjoyed by the unique user.

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