Finance Industry Entrepreneur Keith Mann

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur in the finance industry. He is the co founder of Dynamic Search Partners which is one of the more well known companies in the financial industry. The company offers hedge funds, alternative investments and also finance executive staffing. With this firm a number of financial professionals can have a source to help place them in ideal employment positions. Mann’s firm is also able to help a number of investors take advantage of investment options that will help them grow their capital and reach their particular financial goals. As well as being the co founder of Dynamic Search Partners, he also serves as the Managing Director. This gives him a very important position in the company that allows him to ensure that all goals are reached and policies are followed for the firm. Since 2001, his company has looked to fulfill staffing mandates of 2,000 of its clients. The firm has developed one of the biggest databases of finance industry executives in the United States.


Before Keith Mann became the managing director at Dynamic Search Partner, he worked as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division. During his stint at this position, he would quickly move up the ranks of the firm and attain the position as vice president. This allowed Keith to have a more active role in leading the company toward reaching its goals. As the vice president, Mann helped many clients more efficiently manage their capital in the form of hedge funds as well as alternative investments such as equity securities. Along with managing capital, Mann would also help a number of companies get the ideal financial executive talent on a regular basis.


Mann has participated in other activities outside of his company. One of the most notable activities that Keith has participated in is philanthropy. He has developed the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The award is given to the most innovative business leaders. It also provides funding for the Uncommon School which provides low income individuals the opportunity to attend and finish college. With this program, Mann has been able to help a number of people get in better position to reach their educational and professional goals.