How ClassDojo has Made the Learning Experience Fulfilling

In as much as Mojo and Katie may bear a resemblance to characters from Pixar’s “Inside Out.”, the two critters can consider themselves stars. They have a show, which is a sequence of lively shorts that are a brainchild of ClassDojo. The aim of the series is to help tutors, leaners and parents to have a better understanding of the “growth mindset”.

The upstart recently released the first in a sequence of five clips that talk about the growth mindset. The series tries to explain the idea that human intelligence and talents are not fixed. Actually, the two attributes can be developed and fortified with time. The remaining four clips will each be accompanied by a dialogue guide meant for parents and tutors. They will be released within one week of each other on video streaming site YouTube and ClassDojo’s website, “Big Ideas”.

The videos were created through a partnership between Project for Educational Research that Scales, (PERTS) and ClassDojo. PERTS is an initiative of Stanford University. This is a group that studies the motivation and resilience of learners. Its executive director, Dave Paunesku expressed his delight with the end result. The group was interested in partnering with ClassDojo due to the strides that it has made as far as grounding up change in learning is concerned.

The idea of growth mindset is not new within the academic circles. Among its most notable protagonists is Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford University. She was widely researched about how parents and guardians can impart “growth mindset” lessons to their children. PERTS’s outreach exertions on the other hand have mostly concentrated on reaching out to more tutors and parents.

ClassDojo in Brief

This is a tech company founded by Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don. The duo’s aim was to make learning a fulfilling and engrossing activity. In addition, they wanted to come up with inventions that would save time and money. They also wished to come up with unique content that would connect and empower parents, teachers and students. Their first invention, ClassDojo has been well received and is currently being used by nearly two in every three schools in the US.

Founded in 2011, ClassDojo has surpassed expectations by gaining market leadership at the expense of more established rivals. This is attributed to its ability to create a positive learning culture in classrooms and schools.


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