How to get your Freedom Checks

Freedom checks are payments made to stockholders who have invested in a company that pays out a dividend. There is about $34.6 billion dollars that will be paid out to stockholders. To receive your cut of the $34.6 billion dollars, you must have invested a lot into a company.

For example, there are three people who will receive any where from $24,075 to $160,923 in Freedom checks. These people have invested a lot of money in a company to be able to receive a payment in the amounts above. Matt Badiali has reintroduced the Freedom checks and he stated that anyone can receive these checks no matter how much money you make or how much you have in the bank. Visit to know more.

Before a company can pay out Freedom checks, they must have 90% revenue in processing, transportation, storage, and production of natural resources. Anyone can start investing with just $10 no matter what your age is. The payout can be larger than payments received from Social Security.

The Freedom checks are tax free and are distributed monthly or quarterly throughout the year to stockholders. It is simple to get involved with this type of investment, and as easy as purchasing shares with Apple except you have to purchase shares in a MLP or Master Limited Partnership company. These are the companies that must have 90% of their revenue going to processing, transportation, and storage etc. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Matt Badiali has estimated that these checks will be paid out at the end of June. Most people mistakenly think that these checks are issued by the government. Although the checks have the potential to exceed more than a Social Security check, these checks are from the MLP companies.

Investors must spend time learning how these checks works. They must learn about the MLP or Master Limited Partnerships that act as a publicly traded limited partnerships. MLPs are traded across the US and have gains of 5,889% to 39,832%, which proves there is a lot of funds to be distributed to stockholders.

Matt Badiali is confident that the checks will be distributed next month because of the tax reform bill that was passed by Congress recently. The bill includes tax breaks for MLP companies and all investors. The bill has been a win for the MLP companies and many investors, and Matt Badiali’s goal is to help as many investors as possible to receive their checks.