Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Changed The Way Brazil Does Banking

Banco Bradesco South America is one of the largest banks in Brazil. It was founded back in 1946 in a very small Brazilian town and is an unlikely success story considering its humble beginnings. Over its more than 70 year history, the bank has only had four CEO’s as the working environment has been highly amicable leading to a high rate of job satisfaction. Visit the website to learn more about Trabuco. The current CEO of Banco Bradesco South America is Luiz Carlos Trabuco who took over the role back in 2009. As recent as November of 2017, Trabuco also took on an additional role at the company as its only third ever President after his 91 year old predecessor, Lazaro Brandao, stepped down at the age of 91 after an extensive career with the bank. He began his career with the large Brazilian bank back in 1969. When he was part of the banks insurance division, he helped gain two percent of the entire nation’s insurance share for the bank which proved to be highly profitable for the company. Learn more about Trabuco at The profit share of the insurance division rose nine percent during his tenure making him the ideal candidate for a leadership and executive role in the future. Trabuco helped to expand the idea of segmenting and targeting in the Brazilian banking industry. This meant that he took a strong look at the specific banking needs of certain regions in Brazil. Depending on location, these needs could be vastly different. Then, he helped regional banks to better serve their clients and thus, the bank became a huge success over time and developed a reputation as a financial institution that was easy to work with and cared about their customers. Although this was a practice that had been done elsewhere, he was the first to employ the technique in Brazil which is largely attributable as to the reason why the bank is so large in this region of the world. Prior to his career with Banco Bradesco South America, Trabuco was the President of Grupo Segurador. Luiz Carlos Trabuco received a degree in Social Psychology from The University of São Paulo.