Norka Luque Inspires her Fans through her Beautiful Voice and Inspirational Songs

Norka Martinez Luque is one of the lucky Latin musicians to burst onto the American music scene. Her singles “Milagro” and “TomorrowLand have received massive airplay both in the United States and Venezuela (her home country). Hard work and commitment have enabled the young US-based musician to establish herself as a globally recognized brand.

Recipe for Success

The young musician has a gorgeous voice and releases songs that are rich in powerful messages of inspiration and hope. She has fought tough battles and emerged victorious throughout her musical career. Norka is always willing to learn new concepts from her able producer (Emilio Estefan) and other successful musicians. She continues with her voice practice, and piano classes, which she started since was a child.

Norka’s music encourages diversity and incorporates aspects of different genres available across the globe. For instance, the song Milagro is a fantastic mixture of reggae, Mediterranean rhythms, and Caribbean sounds. Under the supervision of Emilio Estefan, a team of renowned producers and composers such as Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitan, and Luigi Giraldo were instrumental in the production of the song Milagro. Additionally, it sends a beautiful message full of inspiration. People, who are going through a tough crisis can easily identify with the song. Although new genres and rhythms are introduced at a fast rate, Norka has managed to retain the originality of her message.

Transition from a banker to a musician

Norka worked in the banking sector in Monaco for a few years before she relinquished her job and moved to the United States to build her career in music. She tasted the real music world through a successful album produced by Jose Velazquez. Since then, Norka Luque has been producing international hits and working with top producers. Entrepreneurial producer, Emilio Estefan JR, oversaw the production of a successful album that had three songs, which ruled the top Latin countdown charts.

Early life and education

Norka was born back in 1986 in Caracas. At a young age, Norka started developing a passion and unending love for music. Luckily enough, her parents offered her unwavering support. They allowed her to enroll in musical training classes provided she excelled in her academics. During her high school course, Norka participated in various musical competitions and pocketed many awards. After graduating from high school, she moved to France for higher education. At France, Norka had a privilege of learning French and performing alongside “Bad Moon Rising” band. She earned a degree in fashion, marketing and culinary arts.