Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are steering InnovaCare to success

Many people know innovaCare as a company that is leading in the provision of quality healthcare services in North America. They have a mission to redefine the healthcare sector and make patients have the best experience when it comes to the provision of services. They have established models that are sustainable, and they believe in providing quality services, innovative, and yet they have ensured they are affordable to everyone.




Education background of Rick Shinto




Rick Shinto is a professional who has been in the industry for two decades. He has the experience of operating as the Chief Executive Officer of several organizations, and he has held other positions as well. He has worked as the chief medical officer and Chief Operating Officer of a company known as Medical Pathways and Management Company. Rick has also served at NAMM, which is a firm that is based in California. He worked at a firm called Cal Optimal Health Plan which is also situated in California. He has a rich experience in the medical field, and he is also a recognized scholar who has written several articles to help others understand the industry. Rick Shinto is a holder of two degrees. He has a medical degree and an MBA which he earned from the University of Redlands. He obtained the medical degree from the University of California.




Rick has managed to win several awards because of his commitment towards changing the medical industry. He was recognized with Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. The award is a prestigious one since it distinguishes those who have excellent entrepreneurial skills. Such people must have displayed great success in several areas like finance, innovation and personal commitment.




Penelope Kokkinides




Penelope Kokkinides is another experienced professional who is helping Rick Shinto to steer the company to great heights, see linkedin.com. Her experience comes from the many years she has been in the industry whereby she has even worked for government entities. She has the right knowledge of Medicaid and Medicare, and she has also been outstanding in the industry. She has also worked for several organizations before ascending to work for InnovaCare. She worked for Centerlight as the Chief Operating Officer and has done a lot of things in connection with serving patients. Kokkinides has been working with Rick Shinto tirelessly because they want to expand the services offered by innovaCare. They also want to ensure patients are getting the right services at the company. Read more about Penelope Kokkinides on crunchbase.com.