Securus Technologies Supplies the Communications Need

Securus Technologies provides communications capability between incarcerated individuals in over 2,200 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Securus offers their services to over 1.2 million incarcerated individuals and their families.


There are several different types of plans that are available for the convenience of the inmates and their families. There is a prepaid option where the fees are paid in advance, there is a direct billing option where a billing is sent to the family on a monthly basis, there is the traditional collect call, where the recipient of the call pays the bill, and there is an inmate debit account where the inmate pays for the call.


There is an inmate voicemail feature that allows families to call the inmate, but if he or she is not available, a voicemail can be left and the inmate can return the call when it is convenient. There are times when an inmate may be working, eating or sleeping and may not be available for a call, and this is a nice convenience.


In addition, a video conferencing is available so families don’t have to take the time and expense of driving to the correctional facility to see their loved one who is incarcerated. Instead, they can set a pre scheduled time to visit via the video. It is just like being there, only they don’t have to wait in line or put up with the hassle of dealing with the time and distance.


Securus Technologies is a leader in the field of inmate communications and the very latest in technology and security is engineered into the system. The difference in inmate attitude and behavior is remarkable since Securus has been able to implement their systems. A voice from home is a welcome event at any time a person is incarcerated.