Sussex HealthCare

Sussex HealthCare Limited based in Warnham, United Kingdom was founded in 1985 and has been in operation for 32 years. The entity operates a cluster of care homes in Sussex. The company concentrates mainly on providing care for older people and on specialist care for adults who have learning or physical difficulties. It provides services primarily in the areas of respite care, palliative care, dementia care, and specialist adult care. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at

The firm also gives support services including physiotherapy and occupational therapy services. In their quest to provide their services, the company has established care homes in areas such as Horsham, Warnham, Nutley, Purley, and Sharpthorne. For the firm, good health goes beyond the absence of any illness. They identify with the fact that leisure, social and recreational activities are critical to an individual’s overall good health and feeling of well-being.


Each home established by Sussex HealthCare gives a complete program of activities to drive, inspire and attract the attention of an individual and encouraging them to utilize the facilities and personnel to the fullest level. Activities carried out within the homes are chosen for individuals bearing in mind their prior interests as well as their present activities.

The company encourages participation and initiative. Also, the old skills and interests are recalled, and new ones are learned. Being an autonomous group of care institutions, Sussex HealthCare is administered by individuals who are extensively knowledgeable. Furthermore, as a business, Sussex HealthCare targets at being the chief provider of nursing and residential care, particularly in the Sussex region. Principal to their aim is the willpower to give the best class of care founded on the wishes of a person and provided by a highly professional team.

Due to their exemplary provision of services the firm has been a holder of the “big three” awards, won various awards for clinical excellence, and topped the Sussex Healthcare Business Awards for two years running. This comes from the exemplary services that the company provides to their patients. Therefore, it goes without doubt that Sussex Health Care is a company that offers excellent services which can be embraced by other healthcare providers not only in England but also across the world. Read the articles by Sussex Healthcare at Medium.