The Philanthropic Strategy of Adam Milstein to Uplift the Jewish Community.

Adam Milstein is one of the most devoted philanthropists who has dedicated all his life towards ensuring that the lives of the Jews are improved. Having operated in both profit and non-profit organizations, Milstein has put all his focus on the improvement of the Israelite in his mother country. Haifa is the place where Adam Milstein was born and raised. He finished his elementary education in the same location and later joined the IDF. He later participated in the war of Yom Kippur before he graduated from the Technion in 1981.


After the graduation, Milstein relocated with his family to the United States where he joined the college for his undergraduate degree. This was a breakthrough for Ada because immediately after he graduated, he was able to establish a real estate business in Los Angeles, where it flourished and grew rapidly. Since when he was young, Adam Milstein had a passion for helping the needy. Therefore, with the help of his wife, he used the money that he got from the real estate business to begin a foundation that they named Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation.


The primary purpose of this foundation when it was formed was to offer philanthropic and charitable services that were geared towards supporting the small organizations that had been established with the intention of empowering the state of Israel, the Israelites and strengthening the relationship between Israel and the United States of America. This initiative has built an enormous reputation for Adam Milstein as a renowned philanthropist and a man who advocates for the well-being of the Jewish community.


The main programs that Adam Milstein and his wife have been supporting include pro-Israel advocacy, the continuity of Jews, and the Jewish education. They have been determined to ensure that they provide education to as many underprivileged Jewish children as possible so that they can become the future pillars of their families. To raise funds to support the above programs, Adam Milstein has been partnering with other individuals who share a common agenda of promoting the lives of the less privileged families in the villages. He also uses his expertise in the development of partnerships and consultancy to raise funds.