The Things I Learned When I Was Hacked

Since I was hacked and lost all my important data, I have been very cautious. I have taken caution in a variety of ways. This includes using Rubica protection.


Rubica is a cyber-security firm that protects the digital rights of individuals to privacy and security. The company’s goal is to ultimate decrease cyber-crime incidences. If you are a world class corporation, then Rubica is the answer to your privacy and security issues.


The full service of Rubica’s cyber security safeguards all your gadgets despite your location whenever you use them. The firm has a private network and a human-assisted machine learning technology to safeguard you. Moreover, the company’s team of experts in security checks your activities to safeguard you from cyber criminals’ attempts to gather your personal data and benefit from it, like I was hacked (Rubica).

The elite cyber security team is located in the USA and comprises experts previously at top security organizations like Scotland Yard, US Navy, and NSA.


The firm also a group of advisors known as Concentric advisors. The group offers digital and physical safeguarding to the most prominent individuals in the world. A real-time team of analysts monitors your data to pinpoint threats on the basis of your personal behavioral patterns. To meet the demand of custom machine-learning technology of Concentric and the increasing need for personal digital protection, Concentric rebranded its cyber division to Rubica in 2016. The firm is funded by top technology investors such as Upfront Ventures, Lere Hippeau, Expa Labs, and Slow Ventures.


Rubica gets rid of the complexity of personal cyber privacy and security by handling it for you behind the scenes. Simply download the Rubica app to every tablet, computer, and smartphone and Rubica will handle the rest.


I have never felt safer than now since I was hacked. Rubica secures my personal information and it has made my privacy their priority. Let Rubica take care of you!