Tim Armour And His Relationship With The Capital Group

The Capital Group is one of the forerunners regarding investment groups in the management field. Timothy Armour has been elected by the Board of Directors as Chairman for the firm. Tim previously held the position as Chairman but for the management committee and research companies.

Rob Lovelace and Phil de Toledo, both senior members of the firm’s committee, are all working as a team with Tim for Capital Group. All of the committee members are setting, communicating and implementing the strategies Capital Group uses in their dealings regarding the business they conduct. All of their operations are being overseen to help with the success of the leadership change in the company. These changes have been coming for a number of years but were only recently made final when Jim Rothenberg passed away. He had been the Chairman of the company before his death.

According to a statement Tim made, everyone at Capital Group is mourning his loss because they considered him to be a friend. Tim felt he was a excellent leader with a strong purpose in what he did. He also had an innate talent for being able to decisively take any actions necessary to help the firm, their employees, clients and associates in their future endeavors.

Timothy Armour also said that all through history, Capital Group’s truest strength was in the combined talents, efforts and experience of all the associates, not just one individual. They all stand firmly behind giving both their clients and investors true quality results in regards to the investments they are making for a long term basis.

Capital Group has more than 70,600 associates and has been doing business for a total of 84 years. They feel their legacy is to ensure that they deliver on all of their commitments.

Timothy Armour has 32 years of business experience in investments. All of this was gained while he was employed by Capital Group. Previously, he had worked in the filed of communications on a global scale. Tim Armour began his career with Capital Group working in the Associates Program. He has a Bachelor’s degree from when he attended Middlebury College. The degree is in economics. Tim’s current base is Los Angeles California.

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