Peter Briger, a billionaire, successful businessman and co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group

Briger is well known as a private equity investor, a leader and prosperous businessman. The financial expert is based in San Francisco, California. Peter Briger has a reputation of a well nurtured and capable professional. He is entirely dedicated to his work. Over the years, the professional has been involved in plenty of accomplishments.

He attended the University of Princeton, where he pursued a degree in Business administration. After completing his first degree, he decided to further his studies. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and pursued a master’s in Business administration at the Wharton school of business. After school, Peter Briger joined Goldman Sachs and company in 1966 where he immediately became a partner of the firm. He served in the organisation for fifteen years before he decided to switch to something else.

While still at Goldman’s Sachs Company, he was involved in a number of successes. He was well known for his remarkable ability to generate brilliant ideas. When the plans were put up into practice, they ended up generating hefty profits for the company. Peter Briger was accredited for some of the success that the firm experienced. Together with another colleague, they were involved in buying and selling off assets like apartments, lands and vehicles.

During his tenure at Goldman Sachs, Peter was also a member of several committees. They include Global control, Asian management Committee, Japan executive committee and Compliance Committee. Briger also oversaw several leadership roles in the organisation. He served as the co-boss of various groups like the Special Opportunities Asia fund, the Fixed Income Principal Investments, the Whole loan sales and trading business and the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business.

Currently, Peter Briger is the Co-chairman and principal of fortress investment Group. The firm’s headquarters is based in New York, United States of America. The financial investment group is the leading financial and asset management group in the world. The organisation had a very humble start. The organisation started as private equity. Years later, it transformed to be a public entity. It was established behind the brains of five principals.

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We Carefully Evaluated Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App Before Honoring Her, Time Magazine

Anyone can agree that there are so many dating sites and apps today than one could find a few years ago. With their emergency, it is evident that many people can arrange for a date, and even meet their perfect matches in life. Of all these, Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble, stands out. The app is exceptional. According to Time Magazine, which recently named Whitney Wolfe the 2018 Person of The Year, Bumble is the only app that seems to take care for women rights.

The decision to name Whitney Wolfe the Person of The Year in 2018 was not an easy one. The online journal looked at several other dating apps and sites, carefully comparing them. In the end, the magazine came up with four reasons why Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble deserved the honor. These reasons are not mere attempts but deliberate efforts Wolfe has made to ensure the app is a safer dating portal.

Safety Measures To Ensure Women Are Defended

Current estimations indicate that Bumble is worth $1 billion. Most of the net that this app has collected is from women, who are the majority of the subscribers. This is evidently one reason why Time Magazine considered Whitney Wolfe’s app for the award. The app empowers women.

Secondly, Bumble does not want to be merged to any other site. When approached by Match Group recently, Whitney Wolfe turned down what would seem to many as a prime opportunity to partner with a dating giant.

Thirdly, Time Magazine looked at how Bumble deals with client information. Initially, you needed a social media account such as Facebook to sign up with Bumble. It is no longer the case. After a recent delicate service by Facebook on client privacy, Bumble distanced itself from the social media site saying it cares for the privacy of its clients.

The fourth reason why Time Magazine considered Bumble for the lofty position that brought her founder Whitney to the limelight is that the app took a strong stance against the use of certain content. You cannot use photos and adverts containing guns. According to Whitney Wolfe, guns communicate anger, grief, jealousy, violence, and murder. Her app will not tolerate this.

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Matt Badiali Explains How To Make Money From Mergers And Acquisitions

Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing says that there are entire trading strategies built around mergers and acquisitions. If you own a company’s stock and they are acquired by a bigger firm there can be a huge payday. An example he gives is if you buy shares in a firm that makes smartphone batteries which last a long time. The odds are a big smartphone manufacturer will buy them and at a price much higher than what their stock trades for. These profits get passed along to the company’s shareholders. If this battery manufacturer had been worth $1 billion and it gets acquired for $2 billion that means the shareholders doubled their money.

The types of companies that usually get acquired are small ones who have high profits and a low amount of debt. Matt Badiali says that an example of this type of company is one in the technology industry that came up with something new they could cheaply manufacturer. Since they are the only ones making this technology they can enjoy big price markups and those large profits. If an investor finds the right opportunity for buying a company’s stock in anticipation of it being acquired it can really pay off. In 2017, there were more merger and acquisition transactions than any other year before.

Globally 50,000 companies were either acquired or merged with and the total value of these deals was more than $3.5 trillion. A quarter of these M&A events involved American companies. Matt Badiali says that the oil and gas industry is currently the one experiencing a lot of M&A activity. Matt Badiali is Banyan Hill Publishing’s chief resource investment expert. His educational background includes a master’s degree in earth science. He was in route to earning a Ph.D. in this subject when a friend talked him into joining him at Stansberry Research in July 2005. It was this year that he started writing about investing in natural resources for his readers. He says this industry is usually very cyclical and to invest well in it you need to understand the science of natural resources as well as the markets themselves.

Felipe Montoro Jens: Salvaging the Infrastructure Situation in Brazil

Totaling to 517 in number, 18.5% and R 10.7 Billion is the value of the infrastructure projects that are in discontinuances. A study conducted by the CNI, the National Confederation in Industry shows that the overall numbers of projects that have stalled are 2,796 in number. The Ministry of Planning provided the figures at the end of 2017 as reported by Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure expert.

The Project Stoppage Causes

There are a number of factors that led to the stoppage of the works and they include the following;

  • Consumption of resources without output of tangible benefits
  • Economic crisis leading to financial difficulties
  • Technical problems indicated through poor project planning
  • Expropriation of land and ownership of the same
  • Poor relationships between project managers and control bodies; a problem that affects the infrastructure sector directly.

According to the infrastructure specialist, cheaper, less complex projects like the construction of education amenities were in cessation even after approval from the CNI. It becomes a serious issue when smaller projects cannot be seen through completion hence the need to provide effective solutions. More about of Felipe at

Measures Recommended By the CNI

The CNI represents the highest body of the trade union system and according to its director of Policy and Strategy, Jose` Augusto Fernandes states that despite the need to solve the issue of stalled projects, the country must come up with programs to ensure no repetition of mistakes, occurs.

The measures recommended are;

  1. Macro-planning improvement
  2. Assess the most suitable execution modality
  3. Carry out micro-planning efficiently
  4. Ensure teams are better equipped
  5. Draft well-balanced contracts
  6. Empower internal control

As denoted by Felipe Montoro Jens, the CNI has the power to influence technological, innovations and research advancements in order to promote valorization and training of the workers.



Alex Hern Discusses Tsunami And His Routine

As someone who’s been an entrepreneur for over a quarter of a decade, Alex Hern has risen through the ranks to become one of the leaders in the tech industry. He recently sat down with idea mensch to discuss his busy lifestyle and how he ended up becoming the co-founder of a company known as tsunami. Visit to know more. When discussing his company, he talked about how the transition from the era of CPU to the age of GPU is what has prompted the need for new platforms and systems. With the ever-increasing power of computers comes the possibility for new technologies and possibilities. As part of his workday routine, he spends up to five hours daily doing everything he can to ensure his company maintains its success for the foreseeable future. Follow Alex Hern on He went on to talk about how numerous people make the rookie mistake of trying to do multiple things at once when, in reality, it’s actually more productive to focus on one thing at a time. Then, he talked about how he finds the prospect of artificial intelligence to be rather exciting and said that he believes focus to be one of the keys to becoming successful as an entrepreneur. Alex Hern recommended that people wake up particularly early each day and stressed the importance of being consistent to maintain your productivity. When discussing past failures, he mentioned that macroeconomics can often adversely affect your company and it’s important to prepare for the worst. When giving advice, he emphasized how important it is to learn from your past mistakes and to not have a fear of failure. He also mentioned how important it is to not rush any big decisions you may have to make. So we wish him the best of luck with the company and hope he has continued success.


Alex Hern shares his secrets to success

Alex Hern is a renowned entrepreneur with more than 25 years’ experience in starting and managing start-ups. He was once the director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPW, which he helped establish. The company was behind the creation of the search technology used by AOL, MSN and Yahoo. He also played a key role in the establishment of Yes Mil Alex Brown led IPO, which he also directed. This was a public web directory company that was sold for $650 million to ModusLink Global Solutions, which is former CMGI. This was barely ten months into the company’s existence.

Alex Hern was also the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Military Commercial Technologies. He was also the co-founder of Arcsight, Cloud Shield, and Triton Network Systems. He recently had an interview with IdeaMensch and disclosed a lot about himself.

To begin with, on a typical day, Alex Hern will spend about five hours focused on the one thing needed to take his company to the next level. He doesn’t believe in multitasking. To bring his ideas to life, he spends most of his nights, far from the distraction of people, to come up with innovative ideas and how to implement them. Most of his innovations are meant to help drive businesses forward. He has a tremendous love for cloud-based computing for graphics. He believes that one of the most important traits for anyone who wishes to succeed is to be focused.

Talking about entrepreneurship, Alex Hern believes that the key to achieving success is consistency. He says that some of the strategies that have helped his company grow over the years include partnering with trusted solution providers and making sure the key customer requirements are aligned. He admits that business does not come without its fair share of challenges. His biggest challenge has been managing the macroeconomic factors that are beyond his control.

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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are steering InnovaCare to success

Many people know innovaCare as a company that is leading in the provision of quality healthcare services in North America. They have a mission to redefine the healthcare sector and make patients have the best experience when it comes to the provision of services. They have established models that are sustainable, and they believe in providing quality services, innovative, and yet they have ensured they are affordable to everyone.




Education background of Rick Shinto




Rick Shinto is a professional who has been in the industry for two decades. He has the experience of operating as the Chief Executive Officer of several organizations, and he has held other positions as well. He has worked as the chief medical officer and Chief Operating Officer of a company known as Medical Pathways and Management Company. Rick has also served at NAMM, which is a firm that is based in California. He worked at a firm called Cal Optimal Health Plan which is also situated in California. He has a rich experience in the medical field, and he is also a recognized scholar who has written several articles to help others understand the industry. Rick Shinto is a holder of two degrees. He has a medical degree and an MBA which he earned from the University of Redlands. He obtained the medical degree from the University of California.




Rick has managed to win several awards because of his commitment towards changing the medical industry. He was recognized with Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. The award is a prestigious one since it distinguishes those who have excellent entrepreneurial skills. Such people must have displayed great success in several areas like finance, innovation and personal commitment.




Penelope Kokkinides




Penelope Kokkinides is another experienced professional who is helping Rick Shinto to steer the company to great heights, see Her experience comes from the many years she has been in the industry whereby she has even worked for government entities. She has the right knowledge of Medicaid and Medicare, and she has also been outstanding in the industry. She has also worked for several organizations before ascending to work for InnovaCare. She worked for Centerlight as the Chief Operating Officer and has done a lot of things in connection with serving patients. Kokkinides has been working with Rick Shinto tirelessly because they want to expand the services offered by innovaCare. They also want to ensure patients are getting the right services at the company. Read more about Penelope Kokkinides on




Madison Street Capital Will Open an Office in Austin, Texas Early Next Year

Madison Street Capital will be opening a new office in Austin, Texas early next year, and the firm is currently in the process of looking for office space in the city. This will be the Chicago-based international boutique investment banking firm’s third office in the U.S. They also have an office in Cumming, Georgia. They have three additional offices abroad, including one in Ghana and two in India. Madison Street Capital’s CEO Charles Botchway lives in Austin and is looking forward to taking advantage of economic growth opportunities in the region.


In a press release on titled, “Madison Street Capital Announces Plans to Expand with Austin Location,” Charles Botchway describes Austin as a growing business and technology hub. He wants to make sure that Madison Street Capital is there to give regional businesses access to a quality investment banking firm. Some of the companies that have headquarters or offices in Austin include Dell, Yeti, Whole Foods Market, Google, Facebook, and Apple. Austin’s business-friendly environment and diverse business community make it an attractive place for Madison Street Capital to acquire new clients.


Madison Street Capital reputation is in providing a variety of investment banking services to middle market public and private businesses. These middle market companies generally have annual revenues of $100 million to $3 billion. Over the past three years, Madison Street Capital has won numerous awards in providing businesses with financial advisory services. These awards include winning the 2015 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Refinancing Deal of the Year, winning the 2016 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award, and winning the 2017 9th Annual International M&A Advisor Awards M&A Deal of the Year.


Madison Street Capital has worked with businesses in over a dozen industries including healthcare, financial services, aerospace, manufacturing, energy, and consumer markets. The firm’s area of expertise is in corporate advisory, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, financial opinions, industry-focused asset management, tax planning, and wealth management. What they have become well known for is securing funds for businesses who are looking to expand their operations. They help secure capital for all types of businesses from start-up to established businesses. Madison Street Capital always uses a customized approach to providing their clients with the best solutions to their financial situation.


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Meet Graeme Holm Founder Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia was founded by Graeme Holm in collaboration with Rebecca Walker back in the year 2013. This company is among the debt reduction companies in Australia that are growing at an alarming rate. Basically, the company is helping most of the Australian citizens reduce the amount of debts they are owed, and secure their future by improving their personal finances. Recently, the company has been recognized among the most innovative companies by the Australian Financial Review, abbreviated (AFR).


Australian Financial Review has been raking the most innovative companies for the last seven years. The ranked companies are mainly from New Zealand and Australia. With the recent ranking, Infinity Group Australia took the 58th position. On the 30th of July 2018, Graeme Holm the founder of the Infinity Group graciously accepted the honor. According to him, all members of the company were proud to have been ranked at the 58th position in the list of the AFR Most Innovative Companies. She also congratulated the entire team at the Infinity Group Australia for working diligently towards the achievement.


Graeme Holm has vast experience, having worked for fifteen years in the financial industry. He has a passion to help the Australian citizens and also maintain the banks honesty. This particular passion drove him to establishing the company, Infinity Group Australia, which has made Australians trust him as a financial leader. The company’s success is attributed to its commitment to their customers’ experience. Their success is clearly indicated by the fact that, with the old bank structure, clients paid off their home loans in one year, unlike with the Infinity Group Australia 3 months’ time.


In an exclusive interview with the Ideamensch, Graeme Holm said that at the Infinity Group Australia, collaboration is way in which they bring ideas to life. They offer a platform for their employees to share their innovative ideas by use of a suggestion box. He added that after an innovative idea is brought to table, these ideas are brought to life very fast as result of collaboration with other professionals. According to him, if you fail to implement an idea very fast, then a great idea is equal to a cheap idea.


During the interview, Graeme was asked to explain how his typical day looks like. He said that a day for him begins at five thirty in the morning, by doing some exercises that gets his body functioning. He then either listens to a podcast or read a book among other activities of brain feeding for about thirty minutes. He added that the two activities enable him to enhance his physical and mental performances respectively. He also said that to ensure productivity, apart from his business schedule he also has a personal schedule breaking the day into thirty minutes increments. In the evening, he has client meetings, after which he take five to ten minutes to plan for the next day’s activities which is a plan to make the day productive. He finalized by saying that his day ends at around 10:30pm. Learn more:

Attorney Bruno Fagali Shares His Thoughts On A Few Legal Issues

Bruno Fagali is a Sao Paulo-based attorney who has a master in administrative law from the University of Sao Paulo. He started out his career working for a law firm in January 2006.

In December 2015 he started working for Nova/sb where he implemented their corporate integrity program. In April 2016 he opened his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy. He was also chosen as the coordinator for a commission called the “Ethics and Advertising Agencies” put together by the Brazilian Insititute of Business Law and Ethics. He has several legal specialties such as compliance, urban law, regulatory law, and anti-corruption.

When it comes to compliance, Bruno Fagali says that it needs to be about a lot more than just fulfilling an obligation. He says that corruption scandals have rocked a number of private and public organizations in Brazil because they put together compliance programs as just a way to meet the letter of the law. If they had taken their responsibility to ensure their organizations were free of corruptive influences than the scandals could have been prevented. He says if you approach compliance as just a certification issue than you are putting your entire organization at risk.

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Bruno Fagali has also shared his thoughts about a new law in Brazil regarding the bags that store put their customer’s products in when they are buying something. He says that this new law requires that if a company puts its name on the bag they have to pay customers for each bag that is used. The reason for this is that, otherwise, the customers are basically free advertising for the company. If a company uses blank bags then they can give the bags away, or charge their customers for them.

He says that this law makes quite a bit of sense. Before the law was passed companies would put their name on the bag and charge the customer for each bag they left the store with. This wasn’t fair to consumers as they had to pay for the bag and on top of that advertise the company. The passage of the new law put a stop to this practice.

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