Former University of Toronto Professor Cameron Clokie Starts Bone Healing Business

Dr. Cameron Clokie is now the holder of 25 US and International Patents, and his company, Induce Biologics Inc., is poised to be a pioneering company within the reconstructive surgeries sphere.

Induce Biologics Inc. is a company which takes all of Dr. Cameron Clokie’s extensive researach and experience, and bundles it into a way which he can contribute to the shifting outlook of regenerative medicine.

Because so much research has been happening in this feild, it is important for entrepreneurs like Dr. Clokie to bring innovative products and information to the masses world wide, so that the procedures and technologies needed to perform surgeries are accessible. Dr. Clokie also speaks world wide, and writes extensively on bone regenerative techniques.

Dr. Clokie graduated dental school in 1985, and then went through specialty training for oral and maxillofacial surgery. He continued on with his studies, which took him to McGill for a PhD in bone regeneration. Dr. Clokie has practiced as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and was involved with clinical practice for over thirty years.

His business ventures then became a focal point for him, as he wanted to spread his knowlege and influence his field in the most positive way possible.

This took him into his work for “Induce Biologics Inc.” which works towards finding solutions that are cutting edge and push the limits of science. His research and innovative techniques have changed the way that surgeons approach musculoskeletal construction.

Dr. Clokie founded a technique in which proteins are used to influence adult stem cells so that the stem cells change into bone tissue. Dr. Clokie continues to make pioneering discoveries in the field of bone regeneration. Several of the patents that he now holds are related to bone healing.

Because of Dr. Cameron Clokie’s extensive experience as a surgeon, he has a very discerning eye when it comes to what might be a viable invention. Because he holds these patents, it is clear that he thinks there are many new products that can help people heal bones within the body. As his work with bone healing and reconstructive surgery evolves, we can expect to see products that help people heal in new and innovative ways.

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