Artificial intelligence is a discipline of computer science which deals with enabling intelligent machines to think and act like humans. Artificial intelligence has transformed the future of e-commerce and digital marketing from an insignificant state to a more latent significant state. It is now easier for digital marketers to carry out their business comfortably at home with the help of a laptop and a stable internet connection. Each day, online shopping grows by a significant percentage since more online retailers are established, and more start-ups continue to emerge.

Sentient AI has transformed e-commerce by making it possible for much safer online transactions and checkouts to occur. Online retailers can now sell their products online such as clothes, shoes, and even phones to potential customers and all the consumers ought to do is to select the right fit, size or brand respectively. Moreover, consumers can now get custom-made outfits that suit their personal sense of style by contacting online retailers and describing to them how they want their products to be. Secondly, AI gives customers the privilege of having human assistance. Therefore, through personalized shopping algorithms customers can make a choice based on the advice they get from shopping assistants when buying products online. As a result, online retailers can make more sales and retain their customers.

Sentient AI has transformed digital marketing by allowing digital marketers to predict the behavior of customers through propensity modeling and predictive analytics thanks to the aid of AI. Statistical scorecards like propensity models enable the marketer to identify potential customers by analyzing their characteristics and the anticipated reaction. Predictive analytics tool, on the other hand, provides valuable information to marketers that enable them to foresee customer behavior patterns and purchase trends. Also, digital marketers can increase their content marketing through an AI tool known as Acrolinx. This tool regularly generates good content for business platforms such as Facebook.

AI-powered live chatbots is another tool that digital marketers can take advantage of to better the experience of their customers. Live chatbots make websites more engaging to the potential consumers and digital marketers. One of the benefits of live chatbots is that they can handle more than one customer at a time making the waiting period for consumers zero. Second, chatbots can retain customer data, and they can assist customers 24/7. Third chatbots are essential in increasing sales volume through the creation of personalized advertisements for potential customers. Last but not least, chatbots can keep track of consumer purchase patterns which are ideal for a marketer in making the necessary marketing strategy.