OSI Group’s David McDonald Shifts His Focus To The Chinese Market

David McDonald knows well that for global corporations such as OSI, it is impossible to run them using a one-size-fits-all strategy. Each of the company’s subsidiaries needs specialized strategies that are formulated with their local clients in mind. OSI satisfies this need by ensuring that their subsidiaries are run using local talents who are born and raised in the areas. These individuals are fully aware of the local market.

They can easily come up with business strategies that satisfy the needs of the market. David McDonald OSI Group notes that this approach is especially important in the food industry where local tastes may vary greatly.

OSI Group is an Aurora-based provider of value-added protein products. The company has managed to expand its operations globally through establishing new facilities and acquiring other food processing companies. David McDonald says that the acquisition of Baho Food did not only enable it to widen its area of operation and client base, but also broaden the variety of its products. Presently, the company has at least 80 processing plants. These plants are located in Europe, America, and China. In total, the company has opened its plants in 17 countries.

Over the years, McDonald has been working closely with Sheldon Lavin to help the company to dominate the Chinese market. Since entering the market 20 years ago, OSI has become China’s largest producer of processed poultry products. Under David McDonald’s leadership, OSI Group has been able to develop more facilities such as the new mega-plant located in Henan province. Its client base has also continued to grow. Today, they supply food products to Subway, Burger King, Papa John’s, Saizeriya, Yum, and McDonald’s. According to osigroup.com, the company’s operations in China continue to grow with the population that is becoming more affluent.

About David McDonald

David McDonald is a Chicago-based corporate leader. The visionary leader works at OSI Group as the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

Formerly, the alumnus of Iowa State University worked as the company’s project manager, a position that provided him with crucial experience for his current position. David graduated from the university in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree.